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Hiking at the Grand Canyon North Rim

Light and Shadow on the North Kaibab Trail Photo, Grand Canyon, Arizona

Our plans for the North Rim at the Grand Canyon were shifted round due to weather forecasts...which meant our plans for hiking also shifted, as we weren't going to be there early enough in the day to really do a proper hike down into the canyon.

So we decided to head to Cape Royal...which if you read my other story turned out rather different than expected due to was rather eerie to walk through the fog, unsure of were the path was going or what lay ahead.

We headed to the head of the North Kaibab trail...the original plan was more strenuous...but the plan chage together with weather concerns as we had seen the clouds and had heard thunder we switched from plan A to plan C which meant we only went as far as Coconino Overlook which is about a 1.5 mile round trip. The trail here is rough in places and was muddy due to recent rain...but its mucky as this is also a mule expect to have to watch your step ...or if you have a delicate nose this may not be the trail for you. Fair enough there are more spectacular views from the rim than you will get on this trail...but why come to the Grand Canyon and stand looking down. Now I would love to hike the Canyon rim to rim...but not this requires more advanced planning to get a space in one of the campsites in the I'm not crazy enough to try it in one day ( we met one guy as we were coming up who had and looked half-dead). It was fairly steep and hard work coming back up...but it was worth it. I wish we had had time to go further down the trail. Going down provided a different perspective on the canyon than you can get from above. We met few people on this trail - one couple with a baby had just come up as we were starting down and the crazy rim-to-rim guy who came up just after us. So it was really nice to get a sense of remoteness and quiet.

Our final 'hike' was the Bright Angel Point Trail which is paved and a short stroll out to the amazing viewpoint to enjoy sunset over the canyon.

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