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Cloud in the Canyon

Cloud Filled Canyon Photo, Grand Canyon, Arizona

We struggled with the weather when we were in the area - but we thought in changing our plans we might get the better weather to visit the Grand Canyon...which had been one of the driving force on making the big trip to this region. So we drove in and the weather seemed to have improved from early morning the sun was breaking through the overhead we were convinced that our change in plans was good!

But we headed up to Cape Royal to start with...but on reaching Roosevelt Point and Walhalla we could see nothing the cloud was thick around us...but we continued and we reached the car park at Cape Royal...and sat down for some food...and here the cloud was starting to every so often you could get this glimpse of something other than mist.

So we decided to head out to Angels Window and Cape Royal...but the cloud was so having walked out to both I decided to walk back...some of the others were less quick in return which paid off as suddenly the cloud lifted...I got that glimpse of Angels Window just were I had been walking. But as quick as it went...the cloud rolled back in...and became very foggy.

So we decided to head to the Lodge...but as we headed down we got to the start of the North Kaibab Trail...and there was no cloud in sight. And in the end sunset we got the most incredible sky.

It did have a rather eerie feel to wander in the fog at Cape sense of unknowing...that in theory you knew there was something knew there was a drop...but you couldn't see it. Standing at the tip on Angels Window was surreal as the cloud swirled round, and a chill started to creep around you. Concealed meant that each time the cloud crept back and allowed a glimpse it was magical. It was a strange world...but it meant that the Grand Canyon revealed itself in a unique way...glimmers...traces...but created a mystery about itself for me. It was a reminder that a day at the Grand Canyon is only ever going to be a glimpse there is just too much of it.

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