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Difference: Sunset and Lights

My final flight segment from Minneapolis to Vegas was delayed by an hour...which meant I was just reaching Vegas as it was getting dark and the sun was setting. The lights were on all over the city...and as we reached the airport and were taxiing...we could see much of the lights on the strip which in their own way were stunning...the Luxor pyramid...the green of the MGM Grand...Eiffel Tower...Stratosphere.. But the problem was the sunset sky that lay behind them. The orange and red colours behind the black mountains created a stunning backdrop. In fact the back drop overtook the foreground of the Strip...the lights seemed minor in comparison...the foreground seemed diminished. And for me the sunset simply made me see the artificial nature of Vegas.

I saw the fountains at Bellagio, saw part of the Strip at night before crashing into bed. The next morning spent a bit more time on the Strip...but needed more sleep to get ready for the rest of the trip.

The following morning we got on the interstate to head out of Vegas...and the landscape changed from the artificial strip...past all the concrete that make up the city...and into the desert... that kind of grey stuff

The first stop was Red Rock Canyon...and it was so nice to get out of the be out in the fresh air...away from concrete. But one was still aware of the closeness of civilisation. For some reason the plan was to get back on the interstate and avoid the windier route to Panguitch...but driving along that road realised that so much civilisation was connected by that road...but once we got off the interstate things seemed quieter. The interstate was so full of trucks and cars racing along on the Labor day weekend.

But on reaching Panguitch for the night...we knew that we were well away from Vegas...and glad to hear quiet.

Next stop was Bryce in the morning. WOW!!! This place was mind blowing! The hoodoos below you as you stood on the cliff above...walking down among was like another world...

On the flight into Vegas I sat beside a lady who was so excited to go to Vegas as she had been told it was beautiful. The problem was that my impression on landing of the difference between the lights of the Strip and the sunset, turned out to be true for me. Vegas held little beauty for came across as glitter but no depth. It felt artificial and fake.

But the affect of the sunset held true...the beauty of nature was something else once we got out of Vegas. The red of Red Rock Canyon as we hiked. The hoodoos at Bryce. There was no comparison between Vegas and what came later...they can not be directly compared...they are so different...and brought up such differing emotions for me...from unease to peace being my state of being.

Difference it is. All started from a Vegas sunset.

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