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Driftwood sculptured by the sea

The Nuyumabales Cultural Centre Photo, Quadra Island, British Columbia

Discovery Passage is the strait between the Vancouver Island and the group of islands towards the British Columbia mainland, connecting the Strait of Georgia and the Johnstone Strait. As it's a fairly narrow waterway, the coastal beaches are frequently strewn with driftwood, from large logs to small branches and roots. Most of it is a result of logging that goes on heavily on Vancouver Island and Quadra alike, but the result is a very atmospheric, if often hard to negotiate.

We walk along the beach from Cape Mudge village to Cape Mudge lighthouse – itself an attractive building on the southern edge of the Quadra Island and further on along a pebble beach full of amassed driftwood. The sea surrounding Quadra, including the Discovery Passage is known for its reach wild-life and orcas and other marine mammals can be spotted even from the short Campbell River – Quadra ferry. We don't see any orcas but we do spot a few sea otters playing in the sea just off the stony beach!

It's a bracing walk and the landscape is interesting rather than conventionally beautiful, especially in the pearly-grey, diffused light of a cloudy day, but the driftwood and stones on the beach looks like fantastic sculptures, great logs like matches spilt by a giant, convoluted roots like surrealist abstractions.

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