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Mexico City is a metropolis that is really worth a trip. My visit to this town is now a few years ago but the memory of it is still very much alive. Just last week I met with my friends in Mexico. Very interesting that both the negative and positive aspects of this city have remained the same.
México has approximately 25 million people (nobody knows the exact number) and is giant.

First the negative and that’s the air. Air pollution in Mexico City is extreme. The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) reported that 4,000 of the citizens of Mexico City alone die every year because of high air pollution. According to other reports a day in Mexico City is as harmful as smoking 2 packs of cigarettes. A phenomenon for me that I was in the morning, freshly showered, washed and went sightseeing. In the evening a layer of dirt was on my face. 4 million cars, 100,000 taxis, 28,000 buses and x-thousands of trucks pollute the air, not to mention the companies with lax environmental regulations in Mexico City altogether.

Mexico City was up to the economic boom in China due to high sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide concentrations as a polluted city in the world. These titles are now held Chinese cities, but Mexico City is still fifth in the top. certainly a great disadvantage of this city.

The positive and that’s the people. I like the Mexicans. A generally friendly, open nation. Among all Hispanics, they also have in addition to the Argentinians definitely the most culture. Also the museums are a big plus. The National Museum of Anthropology in Chapultepec Park is very fascinating. The archaeological collections are one of the most impressive I have ever seen. The park itself is also interesting. We got there very easily in contact with Mexicans and had lots of fun.

Museo Nacional de Arte. As the name implies, the Museum of Mexican Art from the 16th Century until the 1950s. Interesting but in retrospect not a "must". This is, however, the Zocalo, the main square. When we were there just a demonstration was over. The place with the baroque cathedral of Mexico City is huge. The Zocalo is surrounded by interesting buildings - just by the impressive cathedral, the Palacio Municipal (City Palace) in 1720 and the "Palacio Nacional" (National Palace), the official residence of the President.

The "floating gardens" of Xochimilco are also a must for me. This is the Hauptausflugsort for the residents of the city. To go on a boat is an easy experience. It is a very funny one who comes to meet there, couples, mariachi groups and traders in boats propelled. The nearby market is also interesting but the highlight for me was to market the witches market. Warned against the witches market all of us - it was dangerous for foreigners, etc. (basically we felt in Mexico City never compromised, neither day nor night, just a money bag was stolen from us in the subway).

Briefly to the nightlife - we got a lot of time with no, we were quite done in the evening. We went first ever swimming (the hotel had a pool with views over the city), what to drink and then comfortably off. Accidentally a wilder bar was there when we were running around at random, but mostly we were in the Zona Rosa, the entertainment zone of the rich. Because nothing can happen but as I said even otherwise we felt in Mexico City never threatened.

Back to the market. On the market you can buy all sorts of occult subjects, from the skull to herbs for (of course) but also the power of all sorts of animals. Sensational!

Still a must - Plaza Garibaldi. In the square there are dozens of mariachi bands who can give her the best. To let a band play in itself is not expensive and very amusing. We have the tape first song after song of their choice (it was a tearjerker) and then La Chucharacha (sorry just had to be) can play.
In total, the city gets 4 stars from me, a brilliant city but one star deduction for the air pollution. In my case this led to a near collapse on the last day. The bad air was spoiled Austrian mountain air my lungs in the long run too much.

Something about safety - in general I felt very safe in Mexico City - must be avoided, however, some quarters and pickpocketing is rampant. In this respect I here forgive a moderately - but what should not keep you from a trip!

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