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Queenstown Photo, Queenstown, New Zealand

At times, the least expected takes you off guarded. Queenstown is one of them. Queenstown is beautiful, vibrant and lively. I may even call that’s a best place to settle down after retirement. Its that beautiful.

Queenstown is dramatic by looks and dreamy to feel. Queenstown sits at the shores of Lake Wakitapu and happy to share the canal like shore to the sister town Frankton. Queenstown hill oversees the lake and the little town. This hill measures more than 900 meters vertically. In simple, blessed to be rich with the best of nature’s gifts.

After that stint with the cop, we reached Queenstown in the late afternoon. We stayed at Novotel hotel which is one of the biggest out there offering all ranges of views. It had all the notable touch of the city and the disturbances come free. However, it’s welcoming as the previous week was spent in lonely, quite hotels.

Weather was following us from the Milford sounds which looked to rain anytime for long. We wanted to encash the non-rainy time. The very first of the attraction anyone will hear is Skyline on the Bob’s peak. Reaching Skyline is via Gondola that operates for 3/4th of a kilometre. It has a fine dining restaurant, few souvenir shops, Luge and an auditorium that plays Kiwi Haka (Maori Culture Show).

Mostly these can be combined together and packaged based on our interests right at our hotel itself. We settled with Gondola, Luge and Kiwi Haka show. We had enough time to refresh ourselves and walk to the base from where Gondola starts.

Lake Wakitapu looked ravishing and roaring like a sea. Interestingly the colour was a nice blue color even when looked from the shore. This tows is well planned and built. Am pretty sure their needs will be manifold soon. Town is getting extended along both the side of the shores of Lake Wakitapu.

Within 10 mins of leisure walk, we found ourselves at the base of the mountain. A gondola took us to the skyline. We have got AJ Hackett bungy jumping has their jumping pad here with a breathtaking scenery of Lake Wakitapu. One dares a plunge there, could call himself daring, I bet. Right outside the skyline building a small path takes us to the Luge. That takes us to the peak in open chair lifts. We were thrilled with the Luge (in scenic view). The other route for the luge is faster. We were happy to get inside the building after that as it was starting to get colder.

Kiwi Haka
Maoris ruled this nation for long and the civilization is changed now. Still the descendants of this culture keeps it living forever with their shows. This show explains how their ancestors lived and about their habits. Its little bit interactive too. We were happy to be a part of it.

Later, we walked through the streets of that town to find an Indian restaurant. Happily indulged with our food and called it a day.

Managed to put some pics at the below link. Check it out.

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