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Spending the night in a Aquarium

The Oceanário is a aquarium in Lisbon. Their specialty: sharks! They look big and scary, but behind glass sharks are not dangerous to humans and therefore ideal companion for a slumber party! Children can spend an evening and night in Lisbon Oceanário, while their parents explore the town or enjoy a fish dinner.

It is Oceanário the aquarium in Lisbon, located on the former Expo site. Previously there were still dull warehouses and an oil refinery, but in the Parque das Nações 1998 rose for the world. Meanwhile it has become a modern and popular district of Lisbon, with apartment blocks in the shape of sails, colorful fountains, exhibition halls, restaurants, a casino and much more. This part of Lisbon is definitely worth a visit.

Sleeping with Sharks
The "Sleeping with the sharks" is an educational program of the Oceanário which children learn about the deep ocean and its inhabitants. Sharks, penguins, sea otters, seahorses, and jellyfish that glow in the dark: they are all in the aquarium of Oceanário. The children also get the chance to touch shark teeth and skin. Then the sleeping bags are rolled out beside the huge tanks and it's bedtime. ... Though, it's almost a shame to go to sleep. The children can watch the whole night to enjoy the unique marine life! Morning will conclude with a tour of the Oceanário and close at 10.00 hours the parents back their children in their arms. Prices are from 60 euros per person.

Lisbon and the surrounding region is a good city break destination for children. So you can have a splendid opportunity for boat trips and dolphin-watching, there are many interesting museums such as the Pavilion of Knowledge & Living Science and museum Lourinhã with a rare collection of fossil eggs and embryos of dinosaurs.

In half an hour away by tram, train or car are the beaches of Estoril and Cascais. The sweet pastry, the "Pasteis de Belém 'are a delicious treat, stay the night in a tent, caravan or camping and bungalows in Lisboa Lisbon and region are also very suitable for cycling. In Lisbon is a trendy information center with a focus on young tourists, as more young people (20-30 years) visiting Lisbon and increasingly families with children take a trip to Lisbon. Y (Youth) Lisboa center is open daily from 10:00 to 20:00 and can be found in Rua Jardim do Regedor, 50 Lisbon.

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