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Staying in historic monuments, farms and windmills

During the open monument day doors of artistic and historic buildings are wide open. Some of these buildings are so beautiful that you would want to stay there longer. Sometimes it is actually possible. You can stay in a mill, an old warehouse or other historic buildings.

Historic farms
Previously many areas primarily had an agricultural function and was determined by the landscape of farms, fields and meadows. Today these buildings have partially lost their agricultural function, but they are now very much an ideal holiday address.

Farm the Fat Ox
For a vacation close to home you can travel to the North Holland Middenbeemster, part of the UNESCO Beemster area, where you find the farm De Vette Os. This historic farmhouse can be rented for sixteen or twenty-four persons. The farm was probably built around 1620, just after the prohibition. It is possibly the oldest farm in Middenbeemster. The first inhabitants of this farm were simple people who worked hard in the fields for a living. This contrasts with the rich owners of several outdoor locations in the region. Striking detail: the blades of drainage mills were incorporated as bars in the Fat Ox. Because of the very high cultural value, the farm now has the status of national monument.

Wind and water mills have over time lost most of their economic interests by promoting technical progress. Many mills were in decline. Fortunately, a part of this cultural heritage is saved. Some mills are now available as vacation rentals.

Mill To Sleep
To Sleep mill is in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes. These stones corn windmill 1795-1800 is now for rent as a holiday. Its name comes from the mill to the fact that they are not in full swing. The mill is in fact built halfway up the hill instead of on top, not much wind so the sails up and left. The mill has been beautifully restored with the artistic influence of former owner Pepe Parole and preserving its character. Obviously you have great views from this home, including from the bathroom, five storeys high, including the windmill cap.

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