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The Kenyan Game Parks - Amboseli National Park

Amboseli's Elephants Photo, Amboseli National Park, Kenya

During our safari we were able to experience four of Kenya's more well known game parks: Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli and Tsavo West. Each was very different from the others, and even within a single park, there were significant differences in the landscape, flora and fauna. Each was special in its own way and worthy of a visit irrespective of time spent at any of the other parks.

We spent two nights at Amboseli National Park, providing us with plenty of game viewing drive time. Amboseli is most known as an elephant sanctuary with a research base here to study them. Our lodging provided direct viewing access as well, right from our front porch! In terms of being "part of the park" this was my favorite lodging location during our safari.

Amboseli was remarkably dry and arid in many areas and yet, was rich was marshy wetlands where the resident elephants were often found chest deep keeping cool while grazing on the grasses found in the water. That said, we also observed some elephants "eating" who knows what in the dirt. Digging up clumps of what appeared to be dead grass; they would shake out the dirt with their trunks and then eat the brown straw like grass.

This park left us, the inside of the safari vehicle and all of my camera equipment covered with a thin layer of fine dirt. Off on the horizon, dirt devils (small dirt tornados) could be seen in what looked to be a foggy haze created by the dirt being kicked up by the passing vehicles.

As part of the Kenyan National Park Service, the roads in the park were well marked and easily navigated by those choosing to self-drive. Given our visit started on the weekend, it did appear that there were a lot of people opting for the self-drive method of viewing.

While a small park in comparison with say the Maasai Mara, there is plenty to see and experience during a visit here. In addition to the elephants this park is known for, we also saw lions, cape buffalo, hyena, giraffe, hippos, zebra, wildebeest and other smaller grazing animals.

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