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During holidays we always visit a beautiful city near our cottage. From camping Knaus Lackenhäuser we went into a day trip to Passau. The city, with just over 50,000 inhabitants, located in Bavaria (Germany), not far from the border with Austria.

In Passau there are three rivers: the Danube, the Ilz and the Inn, so the city is also called Dreiflüssestadt. You can make wonderful boat trip from Passau, but also in the city itself has plenty to do, there are many attractions.

At the train station you have different car parks, we paid four euros for a whole day.


St. Stephen's Cathedral
It is worth to visit this church, it costs you nothing. When we visited St. Stephen's Cathedral stood in front of the scaffolding, but from a courtyard, I could still make good pictures. At the courtyard you'll find a beautiful fountain. The church is directly on the organ, which is the largest organ in the world with 208 stops and 17,000 pipes. The bronze bell of the church is the largest in Bavaria. The history of the building since 739 is the city but the episcopal church is much older. A fire in 1662 destroyed much of the Gothic building, but the church was rebuilt. This new section was built in the baroque style.

There are several museums in Passau

* Römermuseum (Castle Boiotro)
* Oberhausmuseum (vesting in Oberhausen)
* Museum of Modern Art
* Dommuseum
* Glass Museum

Next to St. Stephen's Cathedral and the museums, you can also visit

* Fortress Oberhaus (thirteenth century)
* Fortress Niederhausen (fourteenth century)
* The town hall (fourteenth century)
* Monastery Niedernburg

Nice to know
The Danube cycling route is well known, it is a route that runs between Passau and Vienna and is very popular. You follow the banks of the Danube and the nice thing about this route is that it is suitable for the whole family.

We made this trip from our campsite, but you have no place to stay then you have enough choice in Passau.

* Hotels: like IBB Hotel Passau, Hotel Residenz (both four stars)
* Pensions: Pension Vilsmeier, Pension Gabriele
* Hostel: Jugendherberge Passau
* Camping: Camping Dreiflüsse-Irring

Our visit
From our campsite we Lackenhäuser a detour to Passau. At the reception of the camp were various leaflets on the city, one of the leaflets was also a clear plan. We could include where we could park the best (near the station). But you can not get folders that you can pick up a kind of tourist to the station. From the station walk the old town, a lovely walk with beautiful streets and impressive buildings. The cathedral was our first stop, at that time there was a concert, but after half hour we could go into the church. The organ is impressive, our kids were impressed. The front I have not photographed because of the scaffolding. After visiting the church we walked through the picturesque streets to Dreiflusseck, the point where three rivers meet. On the Danube, we saw big boats are. We have made no boat because we had plenty to see in the city. Furthermore, we admired the buildings of the glass museum, the Museum of Modern Art and a monastery (Niedernburg). An uncle of mine has made the ride with his family from Passau to Vienna and had some good memories.

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