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Lisbon day 5 - Castelo de Sao Jorge

Alfama is for visitors to Lisbon synonymous with the imposing castle, Castelo de Sao Jorge (Castle of St. George) and the Miradouro de Santa Luzia, one of the main viewpoints of Lisbon.

Castelo de Sao Jorge
The Castle of Saint George (Portuguese name: Castelo de Sao Jorge) is the most famous castle in Portugal and one of the most popular sights of Lisbon. The foundations for this building were already in the 6th century BC laid, but since then has undergone many changes and had different owners. In 1147 it was during the Siege Lisbon almost completely destroyed. According to legend, the knight Martim Moniz (who you find a statue inside the castle) during the battle have noticed that the gate of the castle was open and he would have ensured that the other Christian soldiers could easily invade.

When Lisbon in 1255 became the capital of the Kingdom, it underwent a complete renovation and was transformed into the Royal Palace (Alcáçova). A century later King Ferdinand replaced an old Moorish walls by a new city wall of 5400 meters that got the name of the Cerca Nova Fernandina and the castle was officially dedicated to Saint George. This Sao Jorge defeated according to legend, a dangerous dragon and has since been adopted as the patron saint of farmers, warriors and sword smiths. Today remains of the original wall is almost nothing left.

After the castle fell into disrepair. It survived the earthquake in 1755 but suffered significant damage. In the 20th century the castle - it was a prison during the civil war - initiated by Salazar thoroughly restored.

Today the castle is a sort of park that allows a walk along the fortress wall with its numerous battlements. The Castelo de São Jorge is especially popular because it is one of the most beautiful views over the city. The castle is indeed on the highest hill of Lisbon and towers above the Alfama out. Many people visit the castle, then on the first day of their visit to Lisbon to get a good picture of the city. The castle is also ideal for relaxing, or even a terrace to a posh restaurant to visit (Caso do Leão). During the summer there are concerts.

Mira Doura de Santa Luzia
Under the Castle of São Jorge is located on the square of the Santa Luzia Ingreja a wonderful vantage point, the Miradouro de Santa Luzia. It is built on old Moorish fortifications. From here you can overlook the harbor and Alfama. Particularly beautiful are the walls adorned with old tiles and benches (which includes the conquest of Lisbon in 1147 by Alfonso Henriques depicts), the pergola with slender columns and the fragrant flower.

Left of the Ingreja of Santa Luzia is located in the lawn a beautiful white statue of St. Vincent, the patron saint of the city. He wears on his left arm a little ship with the two ravens that escorted him to the coast of Portugal.

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