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To Luc...

Luc Van Elst (luchonda) Photo, Ghent, Belgium

This Journal is dedicated to a man I never met, but wish I had. A man with whom I swapped emails only a couple of times, but wish I had swapped more. A man whose writings I truly enjoyed, but who will write no more. I only just learned of his untimely passing over a year ago. His name is Luc Van Elst and he wrote under the name "luchonda" on this site and on Virtual Tourist as well, and I urge readers to look to his writings to learn about Ghent - the real Ghent, and about Luc's world.

Luc wrote with a love for and a passion for his country, and about the city that was his home. He loved Ghent, raised his family there, and enjoyed all of the things that make that city a place to truly enjoy. In one of his writings (which I couldn't find again), Luc compared Bruges and Ghent, and the differences in volume of the two cities. He made the point that Ghent is far more quiet and relaxed with far fewer tourists, and he is exactly right, but more than that, his writings are filled with the emotion of life, and I heartily recommend them to others.

So here's to you, Luc - a man who loved his life, his family, his city, his country, and his world. We are, all of us, better for having known you or of you. Sail on, friend. May your winds be strong for your sails and soft for your journey.

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