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Fun if you have nerves of steel

Crazy Shark Photo, Cyprus, Europe

When I went on holiday to Cyprus my boyfriend and his younger sister decided that we should all go on the crazy shark when we went to Coral bay. I was really scared about this as I have always been afraid of water and water attractions such as this.

When we got to the stall selling rides on the crazy shark and other water rides we paid; I think that it was quite expensive but was told by my boyfriend that this was a normal price for rides like this. The men working on the stall reassured me that they would make sure that I felt safe throughout so I agreed to go on it mainly as my boyfriend and his sister were so excited. We were all given well-fitting lifejackets which I was surprised about as usually places abroad aren’t very safety conscious. We were also told to remove our shoes and any loose items which could fly off.

We were taken to the Crazy shark which looks like a circular blow up sofa with a high back that you lean against. I was quite scared when I sat on the shark as all you had was a small handle to hold onto. I really wanted to be strapped in but I guess this wouldn’t have been safe if it tipped over! It was quite funny to get on it as it was quite wobbly and hard to stand up on. The Crazy shark is attached by a long wire to a speed boat.

The ride was really scary but exciting, I think I enjoyed it the least out of the three of us. The Crazy shark went really fast, the speed boat driver was well skilled, he was able to make us fly across the water without tipping us over. Half way through the ride he stopped and asked us if we wanted to go faster, this I replied to with ‘WHAT!’ I must admit that the adrenaline rush was amazing.

The ride lasted for a long time; I was very surprised with the value for money. I felt really safe throughout the ride as the speed boat driver kept checking on me and reassuring me. Overall a good activity but only for those with nerves of steel!

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