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Lexington war statue Photo, Lexington, Massachusetts

Lexington is a small town not 30 minutes from Boston's downtown center, which is reached through the Route 2. It is near the small town to an affluent suburb of Boston, in the course of the war for independence gained a great importance for the United States. On 19 April 1775 in Lexington were the first shots fired of the Revolutionary War. This battle was won on the same day in another Boston suburb, namely Concord.

After we had reached Lexington at noon there were problems with parking on this day. We were also happens to be right in the center of town, where there is also the main attraction, the Battle Green, the place where the shooting took place. The Battle Green is nothing more than a large, well-maintained green area with a plaque that provides information on the historical events.

At the other end of the Battle Green is a statue The Minute Man, Captain Parker is shown with his sleeves rolled up waiting to go into battle. Above the Battle Green and is the statue is the huge Stars and Stripes. Also, most houses in the town have their own stars and stripes. Around the Battle Green you can see many lovely old colonial houses. In many houses there are signs that inform you of who has lived in the house and it is also noted the role played in one war.

Another attraction is the Buckman Tavern built in 1709, the Minutemen, the injured were treated. The bullet hole in one of the doors will come from an English ricochet. In the center of the town you see many people walking around dressed in the style of the colonists, as well as the Minutemen. One can there also be guided by a "contemporary", but what we did not. For the overall picture there is of course nice that from old houses and now and then someone comes along who is still dressed as 200 years ago. Across from the Battle Green Visitors Center is also located there.

In the vicinity of the Battle Green is a narrow way to the Old Cemetery, which is definitely worth seeing. Here is a gray stone lined graves and the inscriptions show that there were a few families who apparently had many members, because one always reads back the same last name. Especially in the autumn when the leaves are colourful, they form a nice contrast to the gray of the cemetery. Like all attractions in Lexington and the cemetery is signposted, so you can not miss it. On the other side of the Battle Green is a path leading to a hillock on which a bell tower, but which was not originally in Lexington, but is originally from Boston.

Finally there is the Hancock-Clarke House. You can visit this house from the inside, but what we did not. Leaving the area of the Battle Green, one goes on a normal road through town. Here there are shops, cafes, restaurants, etc. We bought a coffee shop a few hot drinks to take home. Along the road there are many benches where you can relax.

Lexington is a town that you can look at least once. If you are interested in the history of America or the old colonial houses look like, then you are exactly right. The area around the Battle Green, with the statue, however, is quickly explored, as are the other attractions, so you will not necessarily stay here long. I can recommend a visit to Lexington.

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