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Williamstown Photo, Williamstown, Massachusetts

Williamstown is located at the foot of Mount Greylock which is a small college town in the northwestern corner of Massachusetts. West of the State of New York adjacent to the site, just north of Vermont. With only 9000 inhabitants it is a small town. Many residents of Williamstown are students or here for the art. For here, the Williams College and the Sterling Francine Clark Art Institute, located at. The latter is a world-renowned art gallery.

After we reached Williamstown at noon was immediately clear why we had not found a free hotel anymore, because it is truly a small town. But a very pretty, how could we find the same. The building in Williamstown are well maintained and especially nice to see. Solely to college are more than 50 buildings in Georgian and Federal style, which look really smart.
We parked the car on a visitor parking lot of the colleges and within 5 minutes we were back on the main road leading through town. There are many beautiful buildings, including a very pretty church, of which I've uploaded a photo. That the city dedicated to art shows itself everywhere. In particular, but a sculpture on the main road catches the eye: a mountain of eyeballs, which looks very bizarre but quite interesting.

Since we planned not to visit the art gallery we made our way into Spring Street. The pretty street is not very long, but is home to numerous shops, restaurants and cafes. Here, however, showed very clearly that we were at the wrong time of day on site, as everything was totally empty and almost extinct. The students were probably just in college here and so it was anything but lively - but this evening will be different.

The shops in this street but look very nice, and not all were open at noon. Especially recommended is a curio shop at the end of the road on the left side. Here you can buy funny and unusual things. When we tried a number of crazy sunglasses, we were immediately interviewed by a journalist from the local paper. Whether the article was published, I do not know him because we were on the website, you should see where he can not.

The Café and restaurants were just as empty as the street, so we again after about an hour on the way to our car and took off again. If you want to visit the art gallery, you will naturally bring a little more time.

My report today is a little shorter than usual, but that's because it's just not much more to say about this small town. It is not that you'd miss something if you look at Williamstown, but a trip to the pretty - very sleepy during the day - college town is nothing to regret what you need. If you are interested in art, it is certainly the right place and then you should also visit the gallery. Otherwise, a nice stroll through the city, with the Spring Street and its shops is certainly still the most interesting part. While there is basically nothing negative to report about the village, but it's just my opinion, not a highlight, so I can make a recommendation for all who are interested in either art or love with a pretty little town and walk a little stroll.

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