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I have flown with Air Malta many times over the last few years or so. I have always found that the flight is good with varying service.

On all occasions the flights both ways have always been on time (sometimes it has left early) and have never had a problem with the check in staff as they are always polite and friendly. They are also very accommodating and were able to book me a vegetarian meal even though I had not booked one for the flight preiously to arriving at the airport. You can book for extra baggage, seat selection, insurance and make hotel reservations all through their website.

The seats on the plan are not very comfortable and sometimes feel like they aren't very secure which I imagine would be off-putting for someone who is afraid of flying . There is not much space for leg room especially when the person in front puts their seat back, I hate in when people do this as it really stops me from being able to do things that I want to do on a flight like crosswords or puzzles. There also isn't much room for hand luggage especially as lots of people take on large holdalls which again takes up more room.

The planes that I have been on previously have not been very clean, especially between seats and on the trays. I feel this should be addressed as it is not really good enough. The toilets also are not very clean during the flight and should be cleaned however I do agree that it's the people who make the toilets dirty by not using them hygienically.

The air crew were very kind and helpful. But on a few occasions I have found that some of the staff were rude and unwilling to go out of their way for the customers but this has been rare. The food is very good (if you have the vegetarian option) but family who have the meat options sometimes do not like the food as it can be overcooked and the meat does not always look appetising.

The last time I flew with Air Malta it was very cold on the plan due to the air conditioning. This was a problem as it was a late flight and I wanted to sleep but was too cold. When I asked the staff for a blanket they were very rude instead of just saying that there were none available politely.

The flight is very good if you get it at a good price which I always have done so far and it is a lot better than many other airlines. One of the major problems though is that there is no inflight entertainment which does get boring and I can imagine would be difficult if children were on board.

My baggage does always seem to get a bit battered on this airline but I have never had any major problems with breakages. Overall good as long as you get a good price.

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