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Karaoke bar In Bugibba Photo, Bugibba, Malta

Bugibba is a beautiful holiday destination situated on the small European island of Malta.

With a rocky landscape and tropical waters this town is a great place to stay or visit (especially for its night life) as it has something for everyone. The views of St. Paul's Island and the Maltese fishing boats in the bay are spectacular.

During the recent recession this beautiful town has slightly gone downhill due to the closure of many of its popular shops and many buildings have been left half built. Desipte its touristic nature and atrractions you do still get a feel for the local Maltese charm as it has not been ruined like other European countries that were once beautiful (e.g. parts of Spain).

There are no natural beaches in Bugibba but there is a man mamde beach which is okay in appearance but a ladder is needed to climb down to the sea because it is very rocky.

Bugibba is sitauted perfectly on the island of Malta as it has a main bus station where, for very cheap (if you buy a day saver), you can travel to any part of the island quickly, as it is very small. Some of the most popular destinations to visit from Bugibba bus station are; Valletta (the capital), Mdina (the silent city), Craft village, Golden Sands beach and Sliema water park.

The town itself has many good hotels and these are situated near the main strand which runs parallel to the sea. On the main strand you can find many shops, restaurants and bars as well as tourist attractions such as bumper cars, boat trips and Bokki (a local game similar to bowls). There are also many karaoke bars that I have enjoyed going to.

The nightlife is a truly brilliant experience, there are many lively bars and clubs around but these are not situated near to many hotels, they are within a short walking distance but do not disturb the peaceful nature of Malta. One brilliant point of this night life is that you never feel threatened. Although it is lively it is not like Faliraki and Ibiza which have pretty much been ruined by their reputation and clubbing features.

The Maltese people are generally very polite and helpful. Their English on the whole is superb and they always go out of their way to accommodate holiday makers and my family have made many friends whilst visiting this town throughout the years.

Since leaving the Maltese Lira and adopting the Euro, prices in Malta have increased. However there are still many deals available especially in the bars where drinks can be found for very cheap especially in 'Happy Hours.'

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