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Malta, the heart of the Mediterranean

Landscape Photo, Malta, Europe

Malta is a small European island in the mediterranean sea. It takes about three hours to fly to from the United Kingdom. In the summer the weather can always be relied upon to be extremely hot and sunny, I have travelled there many times in the summer and have found that temperatures normally hit around the high thirties. I have also been in the winter and it is still quite warm, a shawl is needed (even though the Maltese walk around in woolly jumpers!).

The landscape is very dry and rugged, people generally seem to either love or hate the landscape. The beaches are sandy but most are very rocky so it can be difficult entering the water. The sea is beautiful but in some areas can be quite rough and unpredictable, but there will always be flags on all of the beaches to advise swimmers on sea conditions.

There are many beautiful towns, villages and cities which are easily assesable by bus or foot, you can travel around the island in one day if you hire a car! There are also boats that will take you to the near island of Gozo which also has an amazing charm.

The people of Malta are very friendly and generally speak fluent English. The main religion is Christianity and there are many breathtaking churches that can be visited but you must remember to respect their beliefs upon entering them by being fully clothed (women need to cover their shoulders and not wear revealing clothes.) The churches also bring with them many amazing festivals that you can join in with, these will end in spectacular fireworks and commence every friday night in different villiages.

I have travelled to Malta about 7 times and have enjoyed my trips there every time.

For anyone who has ever thought of going on holiday to Malta or are going than you will have an amazing time.

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