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South Pointe Park

Huge cruise ship Photo, South Beach, Florida

South Pointe Park is a good place to go with children. If you time it right, and there is a cruise ship leaving the Port of Miami, it is a lot of fun to watch it set sail from South Pointe Park. Here, you get a great view of the huge cruise ships leaving and we even found, that by staring long enough, it felt like we were moving too!

South Pointe Park is 17.5 acres. It has recently been renovated and the 20 foot wide walkway is a good place for a stroll. Children can run around, there is no traffic and the ocean beside you makes for a beautiful view. Avoid it in the early afternoon though, the heat of the sun is intense and there are not many shady places.

You get all different types of watercraft here - everything from jet skis to huge cruise ships. The way they all pass by at such close range makes it interesting and keeps children occupied.

We found a pavilion with a children's playground. It had lots of metal apparatus, motion activated water spray jets, climbing frames and a spinner thing to play on.

South Pointe Park is lovely at night. The lights on the walkway are beautiful and glow in lots of different colours. As well as being visually appealing, there is a reason why they have this display. It is done so as not to attract the attention of baby sea turtles. They hatch along the beach and would otherwise mistake the lights for the stars and moon and would turn inland, instead of going out to sea.

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