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Restaurants in Rome

Mad Jack’s—we went here on our arrival evening. We were hungry and went to the first restaurant we saw. It was ok, but nothing special—I wouldn’t recommend it. I had margarita pizza and my husband had pasta with walnut cream sauce. In hindsight, we should have kept looking for restaurants as there were many other good ones nearby. We didn’t even know the name of it was Mad Jack’s until after we sat down—if we had seen that we probably wouldn’t have sat down in the first place!

Angelino Ai Fiori- Although this looked like a pretty touristy restaurant, it had some great pizza! I had the four cheese and my husband had artichoke pizza. It was my husband’s favorite pizza of the trip and my second favorite. I thought our waiter was pretty funny too—my husband was trying to pronounce something in Italian, and butchered it. And the waiter looked at him and said no, no, no, Italian is a beautiful language!

Asino Cotto- I had the filet mignon parmesan style with potatoes and my husband had sea bass ceviche and gnocchi Roman style. All were delicious.

Café Risorgimento (?)- I had ravioli and my husband had spaghetti. Both were ok, but nothing special.

Il Portico- We loved this restaurant in the Jewish Ghetto. It had a nice ambience and delicious food. The tables were pretty close together, but that fostered us to talk to our neighbors and get some great tips! We had an appetizer of the mozzarella fritte. I had tortellini and my husband had pasta with mushrooms. We also had a half carafe of delicious house white wine.

Nonna Betta- another great restaurant in the Jewish Ghetto. I had lasagna and my husband had pumpkin fritters with couscous and pasta with sea bass.

There were a couple more restaurants, but I can’t remember their names or much about them, so I don’t think they were very good!

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