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Monorail Photo, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Internatial Airport (KLIA) is obviously the main entry point into the city and it is located around 70 kilometres from the centre. There are various ways of getting into the centre. You can take a coach which departs every half an hour for about £5 each way or you can use the train which goes to the Chinatown area for about £7 each way. The bus takes around an hour and the train about half of that and both run from 5am until around midnight. The bus goes to the main hub in the city centre, from which you can get on another bus for about £1 that goes around all of the city centre's major hotels.

After a fourteen hour flight, we were in no fit state to be working out bus or train timetables, so we decided to take a taxi which we picked up outside the arrivals hall and took us directly to our hotel in about thirty minutes and cost us around about £25. Be warned though: the taxis in Kuala Lumpur are all pretty old and air conditioning consists of opening the window and driving fast. Suspension is pretty much non-existent too, so expect a bumpy ride!

Getting around Kuala Lumpur is a strange thing. The city isn't really designed with pedestrians in mind as it is quite a sprawling city and the main attractions are spread out far and wide. That said, we did quite a lot of walking and found that, as long as you look both ways twice when you are crossing the road, it is a fairly safe way of getting around. The only problems that we encountered were the muggy temperatures that made being outside for long periods of time uncomfortable - so make sure you take plenty of water with you wherever you go.

We enjoyed walking around because the Malaysian people are so very nice and friendly. The street sweepers so hello as you walk past and even the busiest of locals will stop and offer you assistance if you are puzzling over a map - it really was a lovely change from the usual way of life we have come to accept over here in England.

Having said all that though, we did make good use of the Kuala Lumpur Monorail system, which we thought was fantastic. The monorail circles the city above street level and has stops near to most of the major tourist points of interest. It is only 20 pence per ticket and that will take you as far as you want along the system. The monorail carriages are all air conditioned, are relatively quiet most of the time and run every few minutes throughout the day and night. The best thing about them though are the views you get over the city as you travel around - it's great fun spotting the major buildings from the floor to ceiling windows.

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