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Why We Went There

Sam on the beach  Photo, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Every year, we do what thousands, if not millions, of Americans do and use a portion of our tax refund to take ourselves on a much needed vacation. This year, we went to Myrtle Beach. I must say, it’s not a destination that we placed high on our list of places to go. In fact, I often make fun of it. (I’m sorry, I just can’t get the image of Jake Gyllenhall’s mother saying that she’s going to move there in the film "October Sky" out of my mind whenever I think of it.)

Anyway, with me being pregnant and supposedly on bed rest and us wanting something different we decided to do the regional thing this year. I’ve always kind of viewed Myrtle Beach as the place to go when you can’t really afford to go anywhere else but you want to feel as though you’re going someplace tropical. I went there once as a kid (in January, no less) and I thought it was fun, if not kitschy, even at the time and even at my grand old age of 12.

But, off we went.

First, I got lots of conflicting reports and opinions about where to stay. We don’t normally "do" condos because, frankly, the idea of cooking on vacation turns my stomach. Isn’t the point of going on vacation being able to get away from household chores? But someone recommended a place to us that had apartment type units, while still having daily housekeeping, a pool, and other amenities and it was right on the beach. Tired of sifting through the hundreds of other choices, we booked it.

The trip itself was…interesting. The hotel was nice and we loved our view from the 16th floor. We also loved the fact that we could literally walk right out the back door and have sand at our feet.

Going there in March had us facing difficulties: some that we had thought of beforehand and some that we didn’t consider until we got there. For one thing, it was cold. We expected that. But not only was it cold, it rained almost every day and was very windy. This didn’t stop us from playing in the sand a couple of times, but it did mean that we couldn’t spend a lot of time outdoors.

Unfortunately, most of what Myrtle Beach has to offer is outdoors. Had it just been my husband and myself this would have been fine. He’s from England and has never spent time on a warm beach. Trying to explain to a 4 year old why we couldn’t go swimming in the "cool" pool with dragon, do a lot of the outdoor games, go to the amusement park, or do a variety of other things because they were closed for the season was depressing.

We did play a lot of mini golf, though.

Since so much stuff was closed, we ended up blowing most of our money on lavish meals. Myrtle Beach has some expensive dining going on! I think we sampled a little bit of everything. We also managed to do some shopping at the outlet mall.
In the end, it was a nice trip. Our son enjoyed looking for shells and we liked hanging out and enjoying the balcony and the low rates that we got for the week. We all liked having the beach virtually to ourselves.

If we returned, however, I think we would try to go back in season.

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