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Jays Game Photo, Toronto, Ontario

Toronto has so much to offer everyone and all budgets. There's a lot to do for free if you do your research and a lot of expensive things to do and see as well. If you're in need of directions, get off the subway at Union Station and turn left. Down the street is a tourist shop that can book trips for you, and will provide you with a downtown map for free (no need to book anything with them). The map has all major attractions highlighted well and if you want to go somewhere specific, the staff will draw directions on the map for you. Easy Peasy.

Mostly the best attractions are all downtown so easy to get to and easily accessable by subway or rail car. As with most major cities, 'City Pass' is available for about £25 but it only gives you admission to 5 top attractions. These are: Casa Loma, Toronto Zoo, CN Tower, Science Center and the Royal Ontatio Museum. Ive been to all of these and for £25 its a good price. City pass is valid for 9 days, which is a good thing because most of these things can take a full day or at least half a day. The zoo and the science center are a little more out of the way than the other attractions but easy to get to if you know where you are going.

If you are going to the Science Center and the ROM, try not to go when the kids are off school otherwise its crazy. I went to the Science Center in a school holiday (it was down the street from my house) and i could barely get to use any of the experiments. A bit of a waste of money and time really.

One of my favourite places was the Museum of Contemporary Art, its a 30 minute walk from the Eaton Center but its worth it. Admission is free but donations are very welcome. Its all a small place, but the art displayed is very original and is different from most conventional museums.

Mostly i would suggest having a random wander around downtown. You'll find a lot of quirky shops and attractions that arent always on the main maps and websites. Me and my friend Cat spent a lot of our time downtown doing this.

If you're into photography there are also some beautiful buildings to be seen that arent in the main city center. Have a walk around some of the beautiful parks in Canada, the big one downtown often has jazz musicians playing in the park throughout the summer. What can be better than sitting in the park with a picnic and some wonderful music?

I dont want to go in depth about the attractions, each deserves their own review but if you are planning a trip here make sure you do some research online first and plan where you want to go. You'll save so much time and get to see more of the real Toronto, rather than do everything touristy. I found a lot of great shops which weren't in a mall or along any of the most popular streets but I only found them because I explored a bit.

As well as the attractions, try to see a Jays or a Leafs game. Leafs tickets can be very expensive...although im not sure why because they suck but a trip to Canada wouldnt be the same without seeing a hockey game. The fights alone are worth the money. Jays tickets are super cheap if you dont mind bad seats but there are loads of big screens in the stadium to see the action up close. You can still see whats going on from some of the higher seats.

Toronto is an amazing city and one I would love to go back to some day!

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