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Traveling With Your Canine Companion In Florida

Our small dog travels with us nearly everywhere and Florida has some special requirements for your dog. First, nearly every community has a regulation about leaving your dog in a closed vehicle. It's helpful to know that even on a cloudy day in the Sunshine State, the heat inside a closed automobile (even with the windows open a bit) can rise to over a hundred degrees within ten to fifteen minutes. Animals cannot tolerate extreme heat nor should you expect them to; if you cannot be with your dog to keep him safe, best to leave him at your residence. It's also helpful to know that if you do leave your dog in a closed automobile, a kind person will probably report you to the local police and/or animal control officer and that officer may open your car and remove your dog to safety. This said, since he does love to ride, we do bring our dog with us on cool evenings when going out to dinner or another evening event. We always leave a brightly colored 3 x 5" card on the dash with our cell phone number clearly written and in large print, asking anyone who may be concerned about our dog's safety to please contact us. At least twice we have been contacted by local law enforcement to verify the number and to let us know they found it helpful. We hope this information will help pet owners to understand the special travel needs of a warm weather climate.

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