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Cruise through canals of Bruges

Bruges under the bridge Photo, Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a beautiful town in Belgium, who has nicknamed Venice of the North. The historic center is on the world heritage list. There are beautiful buildings to see some even from the Middle Ages. Bruges has nice canals where you can make a cruise on. You get an overall impression of the city, but then have not seen it all.

The prices of an open boat cruise are adults: 6.90 euros and children: 4 to 11 years EUR 3.20. In the months December, January and February the boats only go during the weekends, holidays and vacation periods. In the remaining time they sail daily from 10.00-18.00 hours.

The cruise is in an open boat. The boats have on the sides couches and in the middle row a few seats. Front in the boat are umbrellas if it rains. These are then distributed among the tourists. There are five entrance points in Bruges for a cruise on the canals.

The tour goes along fine points of Bruges and from the water it looks different and you see other things than from the street. The boat trip takes about half hour. The guide tells facts about the points you visit. When you step in the driver if necessary, a helping hand, enumerates the driver which languages are desirable so that everyone can understand what it's about. The tour goes under bridges, some low. However, you can sit up everywhere. What is important is to remain seated and keep arms inside.

Each boat has its own driver, so it may vary how the tour is addressed. Each boat is much the same dangers, so it does not matter where it is resigned. After the tour the guide you have a tip, but this is not compulsory.

Especially with children, but also without, it's nice to have a boat trip on the canals of Bruges to keep. You should not think that after a boat trip across Bruges you have seen it all, because you have not. However you get a nice impression of the city and the trip was wonderfully relaxing. Especially when you all day are running, it's a nice change. You see the city differently from the water, and know a guide to tell anecdotes and comment on his own city, for example about the horrible new buildings here and there arose between monumental buildings. I recommend the trip, but certainly going to explore the city on foot, it's worth it!

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