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Bruges - At Night

The "Burg" at Night #1 Photo, Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a wonderful city at night. It is beautiful, romantic, stunning, tranquil, moody in the rain. It is an old city that will lower high blood pressure. It will make you sing and dance and even cry. Bruges will move you emotionally and will affect you in the most wonderful way. At least that was my experience. You don't need romantic restaurants or pubs. Those comforts are certainly there in abundance, but for those who cannot afford such luxuries, it doesn't matter.

The city fathers of Bruges and local businesses have spent millions of euros in the design of the lighting of the city. It is very close to perfect and adds to the mood created by the lights of the shops and pubs. The canals and bridges have or create stunning reflections that one can watch for hours as ducks or swans or the wind or a tourist tossing a pebble disturb the reflections, changing the mood in an instant. Slowly the serenity returns, and all is well. A tourist can't ask for more than that, and it's free. All one has to do is to meander along the canal. It is so inviting.

I spent a few hours doing what I just described. Because I didn't have a tripod I had to look for places that I could use to brace both me and the camera. While I was looking for such objects to use, I was distracted by a swan swimming. I watched that swan and the canal for over two hours. I sat on the side of one of the bridges and let Bruges take me wherever she wanted. I had absolutely no idea that I had been sitting on that bridge for so long, but I had a wonderful journey. I don't remember a time when I was so completely at peace.

Lacking a tripod, I was quite limited in the photographs that I was able to make. I needed a steady surface to set my camera on. Fortunately, I did find some stone benches and was able to get some photographs with minimal camera or photographer movement and I include the best ones here. In total, I spent more time sitting by the canal than I did taking pictures, but I am still satisfied with the results of both.

The photographs are labeled with the identity of the building. Some of the labels may be incorrect. I may have misidentified them on my voice recorder, or since it is almost 3:00 AM, I just screwed up. I apologize for any errors and will gladly make corrections as they become known to me.

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