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Stari Most Photo, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar was named after "the bridge keepers" who guarded the Stari Most (Old Bridge) over Neretva River. I came here for one reason: to see the Stari Most. The iconic bridge was heavily damaged in 1993, and fully reconstructed in 2004. When I arrived at the bus station, I was approached by a few middle-aged ladies asking if I needed a place to stay. I checked out a place which was just near the station. The lady, Maida rented her rooms out in her 3-bedroom apartment. The place turned out really nice and clean, and it cost €15 a night.

Time was 5 pm., and the sun was still shining brightly. I decided to take a walk. As I was walking on Bulevar Revolucije (Revolution Boulevard) toward the Old Town, I came across empty buildings which were bombarded with firepower during the Bosnian War. It was quite an eerie feeling looking at the thousands of marks still left on the walls. They are a reminder to us all the effects and consequences coming from war. After the war, most were either rebuilt or restored with contribution from an international committee established by UNESCO. Mostar has long been known for its old Turkish houses and Stari Most. And, I could see a coexistence of diverse culture, ethnic and religious communities living together here. There is even a China shop here as well.

The next day I went to Old Town once again. I came across a smaller version of the Old Bridge. It is said that it was a test before the major construction of Stari Most began. On Stari Most, I could see divers getting ready to dive. But wait! They are teasing the onlookers! They'll jump only when there's a huge crowd and don't forget to tip them cause it's customary. There's an Old Bazaar, Kujundziluk, which is named after the goldsmiths who traditionally created and sold their wares on the street, and today, you can still see them selling authentic paintings and copper or bronze carvings of the Stari Most. But unfortunately, the local artisans take so much pride on the bridge that most souvenirs have images of the bridge on them.

I went to the Old Bridge Museum, and took a panoramic view from the top. I enjoyed myself with a cup of tea, and then I headed to the Main Bus Station for my last destination in Croatia, Dubrovnik. It cost 28 kuna ($6) for a 3 hour ride.

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