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Carnival Ledgend - The Ship

I have never been on a cruise before so I don't have any other ships to compare the Ledgend too. I have to say, however, that this ship was spotless. The bathrooms, the staterooms, the lounges, the restaurants, everything...just spotless. And the staff were very accomodating and friendly. They make it a point to remember your name. You have the same server in the restaurant every night. She remembered our names from the start. There is one night club on this ship. I was hoping there would be more. It was called Medusa's Lounge. They played awesome dance music. There was a kareoki bar a sports bar and a piano bar. The food was to die for. Everything we ate was delicious. From sushi to burgers to chinese to Italian. I even had a vegetarian Indian meal my first night and it was delicious. There was not much to do on this ship between early evening and 9pm. Actually, we were pretty darn bored. We took 6pm dinner which is too early. Next time I would take 8pm dinner so we can hang by the pool longer, then eat, then there is less time to wait for the night life to start. We saw comedy shows a few nights. They had rated PG shows and rated R shows later. I thought that was a great idea. These comedians were awesome. The drinks were expensive. They add gratuitiy and tax to every drink. So they came out to be 8.75 each. Beers were 7.00 each. We didn't drink that much. If we were made of money maybe we would have drank more. The pools on the ship were small. There was a baby pool on the top deck where it was windy as heck. Who would bring their baby up there? There were 2 other pools that were small and crowded. The best pool was in the Serenity lounge. No kids were aloud there, but that just means that the adults could act all amuck. That pool was small too and it was hard to get a lounge chair there. Still though it was nice to be there. The ship had a workout lounge with treadmills, weights and eliptical machines. The machines had t.v.'s on them which i thought was totally cool. Helped me stay on longer. The excursions were cool. Some better than others. I'll explain those in my other reviews for this trip. My final room bill at the end of the trip was only 178.00. The ship charges you 10.00 a day in gratuity fees. This bill included the gratutity, some drinks, purchases at the gift shop, and professional photos that we took. Not too shabby. Could've been worse. The ship had 2 elegant nights. Men dressed in suits and tuxedos, women wore evening gowns and kids had on their Sunday best. I loved the little boys in suits the most. They were so cute. They had a dozen professional photographers in the main lobby taking pictures of families, individuals etc. No sitting fee. Every pos you purchased cost 20.00 for a 8x10. A copy of a pos cost 9.99. This was a very decent price. I think worth it. If I ever go with my hubby and kids, we will definitley do this. This time around I went with my sister. We got the professional shots. Hopefully, i'll be able to add them to this review along with some pics of the cruise.

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