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Witches and Goddesses abound

My Short Visit to Glastonbury:

I recently spent a long week end staying with the same friend that we stayed within Buderim , Qld. Australia in October 2010. I taught with this friend many years ago and we have kept in touch over the years. She rented a little cottage in Glastonbury and asked me to join her for a few days. She has always talked about how much she loves that part of England and I had never been to Glastonbury and Wells so I took this opportunity.

Obviously I have heard of the town Glastonbury because of my children going to the famous music festival there over the years but I really knew very little about the town at all.

I was in for a real treat as this lovely quaint town has embraced alternative therapies, handmade toiletries, and all sorts of alternative philosophies so their main street is quite different from the normal Clinton cards and mainstream shops which made it just a perfect place for window shopping, browsing and even being tempted in to buy.

If you are in any way interested in spiritual things then Glastonbury is the place to go. Everyone and anyone who has a slightly spiritual interest will find somewhere of interest in this little town. Apparently Glastonbury is a place of strong spiritual feeling because of the lay lines that cross there. In bygone times Glastonbury was a place of pilgrimage for all kinds of spiritual and religious people and today you will see those who follow many alternative lifestyle being drawn to this little town. It was popular with hippies in the day and for centuries witches and druids have been coming to Glastonbury. Many of these followers and believers have felt the spiritual nature of the place so strongly that they have stayed and setup shops selling potions, brews and the like for a variety of spiritual and alternative therapies.

I was in my element as I love things that are a bit different and all along Glastonbury High Street I found so many of these original and interesting shops. I love crystals and many of the shops had such a huge variety f crystals from enormous through to the small ones you can keep in your bag.
Wiccan shops such as ‘The goddess and the Green Man’ offered potions, and herbs as well as different models or statuettes for those into Wiccan beliefs. Any number of incense sticks, candles, cards, books music and so much more. It is like stepping into another world.

I was persuaded by my friend to have my cards read. I did have this done many years ag and it was amazingly accurate what was foretold so I was a little nervous but she insisted and paid for me to have it done so I couldn’t really refuse. The lady was very quiet and gentle and told me that I would be very proud of my children who were going to do well. She also told me that I was very creative but had let that side of me get a bit forgotten which is true as I’ve not done any sewing or crafty things for some time now but used to do so much. Apart from that nothing really amazing was divulged but it was an interesting experience.

I could go on down the main street but as every other shop is spiritual or selling books about spiritual matters it would take too long so if you want to see what they have then go as it really is a quaint and unusual town with shops you wouldn’t find anywhere else in England in this quantity.

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