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Discovering the White and Red Sand Dunes

Unroute to the Sand Dunes Photo, Mui Ne, Vietnam

As we drive along the coast the scenery gradually changes .It becomes very arrid with scrubby shrubs and soon we come upon massive diamond crusted white sand dunes.It reminds of scenes from the Egyptian desert!
We climbed only a short way as the sun was beating down and the going got tough.
Braver (younger) visitors explored the big dunes with buggies and some even slid down on plastic boards.

At the base of the White Sand dunes there is a Lake we are told is Lotus Lake.
Actually we found out later, its really a combination of three lakes and some small ponds.The name refers to the mass of lotus plant that grow in the shallower parts. I'm sure they are a sight to see when in full bloom.

Not far from the sparkling white sand dunes we came to this deep creviced bright red dry river bed. The red is quite startling set against the tourqouise blue sea in the background. It resembles a mini grand canyon . We climbed down and by the look of allthe grafetti on the rock cliffs looks like others did too.I'd hate to be here when the water rushes in!!

To be honest ,our driver didn't speak English so we wondered if we were at the Red Sand Dunes....found out later we were not.

On the way back to Mui Ne we stopped at the Red Sand Dunes. These are similar to the White Sand Dunes but not quite as massive. We are enthusiastically greeted by a couple of youngsters hoping to rent us a plastic sled to coast down the hills. I guess they didn't notices my heat exhausted face !!
This time I ventured even less than at the White Sand Dunes and stayed under a tree for shade.

We met so many friendly people during our time here but none were more endearing than the children .
They love to show off their English ,which is surprisingly good .Its most ofetn learned from an older brother or sister,as many don't go to schools.
The children in this picture are catching a ride home for lunch .They had been working at the red Sand Dunes trying to make some money renting plastic sleds.
They were 7 and 9 years old!

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