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The Magical Blue Boats and a Fairy Stream

A Perfect Scene in Vietnam Photo, Mui Ne, Vietnam

Even though we could have contented ourselves with staying between the beach and the pool ,we decided to set off exploring the area. . We booked a morning trip with ASC Travel ,one of the many local companies for $25.00 .

Our first stop was the Fishing Village. I’ve seen many fishing villages but I wasn’t prepared for the wonderous sight of the Blue Boats from the hilltop. As soon as we stepped out of our jeep, we were greeted by a little local girl selling pearls. She spoke perfect English and I was impressed with her keen sales ability. She wore a little Canada flag pin given to her by a passing tourist.So endearing was she, I think of her often . I feel certain she will do OK. At least I hope.

Across the road at the top of the hill is a guy offering a boat tour around the area for $5.00 each. Depending on the boat it could be a fun thing to do.

Its true you smell the Fishing Village of Mui Ne before you see.The stench comes from the drying fish used in the famed Fish Sauce. Apparently 17million liters of the stuff is produced annually and is shipped allover Asia.
We saw ( and smelled) the huge pots of it brewing when we took a walk to the Fairy Stream.

We had heard of the Fairy Stream ( a name invented for tourists) but had no idea what to expect here . Since our driver spoke no Engish , we followed his hand signal and took a little path that led to a shallow stream. Along the way we passed some ramshackle houses and a fish sauce factory.
We realized the idea was to walk up the stream "barefoot' until we came to a small waterfall. We decided to forgo the experience as we were a little leary about what we might step on in the water.
Others reported the view of the Red Cliffs was nice from here but the Waterfall was no big deal.

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