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Rondy Melodrama

Rondy Melodrama Photo, Alaska, United States

We came to Anchorage for the Iditarod, but I learned about Fur Rondy while researching. I was really excited about the Running of the Reindeer, but locals say the Melodrama is a can't miss. I'm all for cheesy theater, so I got tickets in advance for Friday night.

I expected something like Rocky Horror or the Room from the descriptions. Lots of people in costume, lots of interaction, throwing stuff at the characters, etc. It was a lot like that, but on a smaller scale. If you've ever seen a Rocky Horror showing, everyone gets into it, everyone dresses up, etc. This was a little smaller, but still a blast.

Audience participation was encouraged. You were even encouraged to throw popcorn at the villains (and your fellow audience members). Some people dressed up to see the show, but not as many as I expected. I only saw half a dozen people in costume and the house was full. Some audience members really got into the talking back and the popcorn ($1/bag), but most of the audience didn't really "talk back."

During the intermission and before the show, some of the players interacted with the audience, selling raffle tickets and popcorn. That was a lot of fun.

The show itself? The actors were pretty good, and the show was ok. It's a melodrama, afterall. It was well worth the cost of admission, and definitely a unique experience.

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