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More Dining Options in Anchorage

Snow Goose Restaurant Photo, Anchorage, Alaska

In addition to the nice dining experiences at the Hilton Hotel (Hooper Bay Cafe) and the Millennium Alaskan Hotel (Flying Machine Restaurant), I also dined at a couple of other restaurants that came highly recommended by locals and tourists.

Snow Goose Restaurant and Sleeping Beauty Brewing Company
717 West 3rd Avenue
Anchorage, AK

With plans to attend the Rondy Melodrama at the Snow Goose Theater, this made good sense to plan for dinner before the show. Initially we were told they were not accepting reservations, but after speaking with their manager, we were taken care of for a 6pm table.

As one of the first brew pubs in the city, it was hard to not consider a beer for dinner. Instead, I went for a fruity adult beverage with Malibu rum. For dinner, I wasn't really hungry for a big entree so I chose the french dip style roast beef sandwich with their homemade kettle chips. Jane ordered the blackened salmon sandwich with chips. Both sandwiches were very good, although the service was a bit slow and seemingly not too familiar with the menu or dish preparations.

Having eaten a light dinner, we both splurged for dessert. I enjoyed my root beer float which featured their own local brew. It was good, but I don't think as good as Milwaukee's own Sprecher root beer. My dinner including the adult beverage and float came to $32 including tip

In the summer, they have a lovely rooftop dining area which I recall from my June 2006 trip to Anchorage. I will return here again on a future trip to Anchorage as the food is very good.

Peanut Farm Bar & Grill
5227 Old Seward Hwy
Anchorage, AK

At the recommendation of our flightseeing pilot, we headed out from the airport to the Peanut Farm Bar & Grill for lunch. Neither of us wanted to eat a big lunch since we knew we had 6:00p dinner reservations at a very nice restaurant in Girdwood so we chose to eat light. Jane went with their soup and half sandwich special, featuring a chicken caesar wrap. I ordered the bowl of homemade beef barley soup but also wanted a roll or some sort of bread with it. For an added $1.00 they added a breadstick that was only average at best. With a soft drink, lunch came to $9.50 (plus tip) which I thought was rather expensive for what I got. The soup was good, don't get me wrong. I just don't think the bowl was worth the price they charged ($5.75).

That's OK . . . it served the purpose of getting something light as we headed out of town and it was on the way, in the direction we were heading to catch the Seward Highway to Girdwood. I think I would say if you want to dine here for pizza (which did look very good) or a burger, during the game . . . this would be a good spot to drop in. They had televisions everywhere including small tabletop monitor sized for personalized viewing.

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