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Many beautiful churches

Tourists taking pictures of a church in Antigua Photo, Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

It is common knowledge, that many photographers love to take photos of different churches in the country or city which they are currently visiting. Antigua has many beautiful churches, belonging to several different denominations.

Antigua is very much into Christian religion. Every village you drive through will have a minimum of three photographic worthy churches, constructed on a hill overlooking some portion of the community. The reason for the large number of churches in a very small area is very simple: There are quite a number of religious beliefs on the island. Three of the largest Christian denominations are listed below:

Roman Catholic
There is a large number of catholics in Antigua, and subsequently, quite a few of Roman Catholc churches. Today, there are seven cathedrals scattered around the island in several villages. The most well known catholic church in Antigua is the "Our Lady of Perpetual Help" which is mounted on what is now known as Roman Hill in the village of Tyrells. This grand pink church has been featured in many national magazines, websites and even on postcards.

Wesleyan Holiness
Today, there are now seventeen congregations found within the communities of St. John's, Swetes, Cedar Grove, Ottos, New Winthorpes, Bolands, Jennings, Swetes, Old Roads, Urlings, Potters, Freetown, Wilikies, Parham, Buckleys, All Saints and Liberta. The Wesleyan Holiness ministry in Antigua is also the Headquarters for several churches within the Caribbean (Antigua & Barbuda, Montserrat and Dominica). Family members of mine are part of this congregation, and whenever I am in Antigua, I worship at the Swetes Wesleyan Holiness church.

This is the largest of all the Christian communities in Antigua. There are thirty-two churches located throughout the island, all having their worship service every Saturday morning whereas other denominations worship on Sundays. Due to many persons being Adventist, it is no surprise that several services and businesses are closed on a Saturday, so that the owners and employees can recognize the Sabbath.

Other religious denominations found on the island include Anglican, Lutheran, Moravian and several small Protestant worship centers. Given the abundant christian populace, it is only expected that there is a subsequent large number of christian schools. These schools are private schools and belong to churches such as the Adventist, Lutheran, Wesleyan Holiness, Moravian and the Catholic. Most of these are nursery and primary schools, while only the Catholic and the Adventist have secondary schools as well.

Anyone planning to visit Antigua, should be made aware of the fact that most stores and businesses are closed on a Sunday. Business days are from Monday to Saturday except for certain large supermarkets who are in business seven days a week.

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