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Day 4 and 5 (Barbados and St. Lucia)

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The next day we came off the ship soon after it docked, as we intended to return early. We were now on the island of Barbados. We've both been to the island before, so we weren't planning on doing a tour. There were specific buses available at the port which were used to transport cruise passangers into the city for a charge of $2. My boyfriend and I boarded on of the buses and were only seated for two minutes when something rather interesting occurred.

Two uniformed officers approached our bus, apparently searching for someone or something. They peered into our bus and asked me to step out! Although I was shocked, I complied and climbed out of the vehicle. It turned out that I resembled a wanted person, and after realizing that I was not the fugitive, they profusely apologized. What a way to start the day!

The bus moved off shortly after this inspection, and we arrived in Bridgetown, Barbados within a few minutes. We were only strolling around for mere seconds, before being approached by a young man. He asked if we could assist him in buying a new pair of sneakers by use of our visitor's discount. We politely declined, but learned from this mistake and removed our ship's card from the lanyard around our neck, assuming that this was how we were identified as tourists.

Bridgetown was a very modern town, with tall buildings and many familiar stores and restaurants. I bought a pair of earrings and a magnet to add to my collection, while my hunny purchased some keyrings to give to his coworkers. The rest of the morning went by with little drama, and when the sun's heat became too unbearable, we hired a taxi to return us to the port.

The ship was not as empty as the day before. Several persons were lounging by the pool, having lunch or reading in several of the public lounges. We went to the bar where we were to meet with our new friends. They were already there, so we joined them and spent the rest of the day sippin on margaritas and having a grand time.

Before we knew it, it was nightfall and rushed off to prepare for dinner. This time we arrived at the main dining room with plenty of time to spare. Dinner was particularly scrumptious. I had an appetizer of roasted pumpkin soup, an entree of well done steak and for dessert, a glass of chocolate mousse. Once again, the dinner staff treated us to some dining room entertainment, this time performing the dance of a popular hip hop song "Low" by Flo Rida. After dinner, we went to a comedy show, where the comedian was rather vulgar, but by no means overly offensive. We stayed up as late as we could, before staggering back to our cabin.

The next day found us in my most anticipated port, St. Lucia. Today was a very special day, as it made four years since my boyfriend and I started going out. We, along with our new friends booked a boat tour of the island, for a charge of USD $50 each. The boat was very large and clean, and our captain and crew were really friendly. The first stop on the tour was to see the Piton Mountains. They were trult majestic and we were able to take several wonderful shots from our position in the harbour. The boat then continued to take us to a pier where we boarded a tour bus. The bus drove us to the local drive in volcano, which had bubbling sulphuric lakes, but the stench was seriously sickening, forcing us to run back to the vehicle. The next stop was to a small but pretty waterfall, in the midst of a botanical garden. The atmosphere was pleasant, so we lingered for a while, and our tour guide gave me my first taste of cocoa straight from the pod.

The bus then drove us back to the pier, and we climbed back unto the boat, which then took us to a local beach to spend the rest of the afternoon. We were supplied with complimentary snorkeling gear and we floated around all day, peering beneath the surface of the water at the hundreds of colourful fish, sea anemones, coral and starfish. It made for a truly magical and romantic afternoon. Pleased with how our day turned out, we started the journey back to our cruise ship, and made sure to tip our sailors well.
On our arrival onboard, we went to the spa, where we had previously booked an appointment for a couple's massage. The therapists were skilled and the massage was to die for. We were pampered for 30 minutes, then we went to the steam room where we relaxed for a while. After this, were were starving, so we returned to our room and got ready for dinner.

It was another elegant night, so we dressed up, matching in a black and gold colour scheme. We took a few professional photos, then proceeded to the dining room. The day was all we could have possibly hoped for and so much more.

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