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Day 2 and 3 (St. Thomas and Dominica)

Carnival Victory docked in St. Thomas Photo, Caribbean Islands, Caribbean

After a peaceful sleep on the extremely soft bed, I awoke to find that we had already docked in our first port, St. Thomas. After a quick shower and a bite to eat we made our way down to the gang plank and stepped ashore. The port was very busy, regardless of the fact that our vessel the only ship in that day. We slowly meandered through the stores and various tourist traps until we found what we were looking for. The Paradise Point Skyride.

I've heard that this was one of the best things to do near the port and I was genuinely interested. We paid $20 for the cable car up to Paradise Point. The cable car was very modern and the glass windows provided a 360 degree panoramic view of the St. Johns harbour. After the skyride arrived at Paradise Point, we climbed a few feet of stairs to the highest point and took a few photographs or the marvellous scenery. We then proceeded back down the stairs to explore the little shops that sold various knick knacks. I bought two t-shirts and a magnet (I collecg magnets) and my boyfriend bought a wooden wind chime for his mother.

We then walked into the Paradise Point bar, home of the Baileys Bushwhacker. We had a few rounds, and spoke for a bit. Shortly after, we boarded the skyride for the journey back down the hill. We then decided to take a short walk outside of the port area. We found ourselves in a small plaza which had stores such as Foot Locker and Kmart. We browsed for a bit, before heading back to the ship for lunch.

After eating, we acknowleged that it was high time we got acquainted with the Carnival Victory. We walked around for the better half on an hour, flitting through the many bars, lounges and public rooms. The pool deck was rather deserted, seeing that most of the cruisers were still ashore. Taking advantage of this rare moment, we lounged in the beach chairs and soaked up some of the warm sunshine in peace. Of course this didn't last for too long, as families started flocking back to the ship, donating a healthy dose of noise and disruption to our afternoon siesta.

We then left the top deck, and moved on to to the gym to spend some time on the treadmills. The gym facilities were very up to date and I was greatly impressed. It was then time to prepare for dinner, so we gathered our clothing and started looking for the laundry room. After finding it, we had to wait a few minutes before an ironing station became available. By the time we got through with the laundry room, we had just enough time to shower, get dressed and find the right path to the dining room.

The dress code that night was elegant, so it was quite nice to see everyone decked out in their Sunday best. The photographers onboard had quite a busy night, as everyone wanted to take a picture in their finest. The menu was also significantly better this night, offering lobster dishes and the most decadent chocolte melting cake. I ate my fill before returning to the casino, to once again try my luck. Thankfully, the slot machines loved me that night, and I returned to my room $40 richer.

The next day found us docked at the emerald isle of Dominica. We planned to hire a taxi to take us on an island tour, with a stop at the Trafalgar Falls. A bit of hiking through a dense rain forest was necessary to actually get to the falls, and we found ourselves slipping over massive mossy boulders and getting drenched by rain one minute, only to be be assaulted by heat soon after.

All our tribulations were soon forgotten however, when at last we made it to our destination. The twin falls were beauties to behold, rushing over cliffs in powerful currents, set in lush green backdrop. It was SPECTACULAR! We gazed in awe for a few moments, just enjoying nature, before starting on the gruelling journey back to the taxi. Our driver then took us the Dominica Botanical Gardens in Roseau. We saw a great number of trees and plants and our driver was very well informed. It was obvious that it filled him with pride to share a bit of his country with his patrons. There were two breeds of endangered parrots who called this park their home, the Jaco and the Sisserou. Both were really pretty with brightly coloured feathers. Our guide then gave us some local fruits such as the kenip to try. Dominica was a beautiful country, with countless rivers and friendly natives.

After such a tiring day, we retired to our ship as weary soldiers. We were too tired to make it in time for dinner, so after a long rest we went to the Lido deck for an informal buffet instead. At the buffet, we made two new friends. A newly wed couple around our age who were on their honeymoon. We really hit if off, and our conversation lasted for over two hours. They were really nice and made us laugh, definitely the type of people everyone hopes to meet while on a cruise vacation.

After dinner, we said goodbye to our new friends, making plans to meet the next day.
Thanks to the snooze earlier, we both had quite a bit of energy, so we danced the night away in Club Arcitc, the disco onboard the Carnival Victory. A great end to a terrific day.

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