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Island Paradise Photo, Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

Tourism is Antigua's major industry, which results in a vast number of land excursions available to visitors. Some of these excursions are organized by established companies, while other tours are conducted by the large number of registered taxis. For a detailed chart of taxi fares in Antigua, click on the following website.

Island Safari is the most popular tour company in Antigua. They specialize in off road tours in the rugged and least visited areas of the island. When seated within one of their Land Rovers, you better buckle up tight and hold on for dear life. There are several different excursions available, with visits to the most popular sites, including Devil's Bridge, Nelson's Dockyard and the Antigua Rainforest. There are also boat trips available which pay visits to Bird Island, Stingray City and kayaking circuits through the mangroves on North Sound. When planning a visit to Antigua, look them up facebook:

Explore by Sea
The island of Antigua is known as a sailing destination around the world. There are several harbours and many catamaran marinas, and the industry is quite up to date. The biggest sailing attraction which the island has to offer is the Antigua Sailing Week, which is held around Easter every year.

For those visitors who have a love for water and seacrafts, a circumnavigation tour of Antigua is a great and fitting option. There are many companies who offer various trips on catamarans and speed boats to areas not accessible by land, but a definitely worth a look at. Some of these companies include Adventure Antigua, On Deck, Wadadli Cats and Tropical Adventures.

Adventure Antigua is owned by Eli Fuller, and the company is mentioned by many travel magazines. They specialize in eco tours and they have quite a variety of trips available. One can choose to embark on a half day tour, motor sailaing around Indian Town Point and snorkeling at the coral reef in the vicinity of the offshore Green Isalnd. If a longer tour is preferred, there is the Xtreme Circumnav, which is a longer tour which circles Antigua, visiting Hells Gate, Green Island, Nelson's Dockyard and the Pillars of Hercules.

Wadadli Cats is tour company who specializes in catamaran tours. Their slogan is "Sail Fast, Live Slow" which is quite appropriate for the trip which this party cruise tour will give you. The catamaran company caters for people who want to have a fun trip, equipped with plenty booze and finger foods. Wadadli Cats uses 5 boats (Spirit of Antigua, Sea Breeze, Siboney, Siboney 2 and the Falcon) to give visitors access to pristine beaches and the best snorkelling spots. They facilitate private charters and have special cruises to Cades Reef and Bird Island.

Antigua from the sky
The only established helicopter tour company in Antigua is Caribbean Helicopters. Based in Jolly Beach, the company offers visitors a chance to receive a bird's eye view of the isle. There is a half island tour availble which lasts for 20 minutes (US$115 p/p) and a full island tour for 30 minutes (US$165 p/p).

During your visit to Antigua, there are some points of interest worth a visit im my opinion. They include the following:

Any of the beaches – Choose from 365 beaches, all with sugar white sand and crystal clear waters.

Nelson's Dockyard - A national park in English Harbour, whose construction began in 1725. It served to maintain the Royal Naval warships in the Caribbean Sea and was named after Horatio Nelson, a past commander of the dockyard. The national park now features restored buildings, as well as destroyed forts.

St. John's Cathedral – The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine is a national monument whose 70 ft twin towers can be seen from almost anywhere for miles around. Most cruise ship passenger can spot the church while they sail into the main harbour in St. Johns. The present church stands on the grounds of which two previous churches were constructed. The first was built as early as 1681, the second in 1720 and over a 100 years later, the cathedral we see today was constructed in August 1842. Today it is lovingly known to locals as "Big Church".

Stingray City – A local ocean park which mainly features friendly stingrays, located off the shore of Seaton's Village.

Shirley's Heights Lookout – Famous park which provides gorgeous views of English and Falmouth Harbour. Barbeque parties are held every Sunday night.

Pillars of Hercules – A national heritage site which features massive pillar like formations formed by coastal erosion. Mostly only accessible by boats.

Betty's Hope – National site which is home to one of the best preserved sugar mills on the island. Let's go back in time to when sugar was king. Miles upon miles of sugar cane could be seen from any point on the island. Betty's Hope plantation was owned by Governor Keynell, eventually passing through many hands, before finally being granted to the Codrington family from Barbados in 1674 who managed the estate for 270 years.

Devil's Bridge – Site of massive coastal erosion at Indian Town Point.

Antigua Rainforest – One of the largest areas of flora and fauna in Antigua. Zip lining tours are a major attraction in the area.

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