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Sosua, Dominican Republic

View of Sosua Bay Resort Photo, Sosua, Dominican Republic

I first visited Sosua in 2004, since then I`m part of the lifestyle. This small beach town offers a serene environment, focused on its beaches, restaurants and discos. A lot of activities in town are mainly aimed at tourists, such as diving, horseback riding, eco tours, fishing, boating and lots of other tour operator staples.

Pristine is a word that describes Sosua, even if development has been active in the real estate market over the past 10 years. Lots of oceanfront condos and ocean view villas that have turned the town into a giant self catering experience where most people rent private villas and condos instead of the once traditional all inclusive hotels ( most now closed ).

Traditional restaurants like Bologna, Morua Mai, Waterfront and newer such as Gaudí, Steak and Sirloin and La Finca, have turned the town into a gastronomic feast to be enjoyed. A lot of small B&B`s have also played a role in making Sosua an affordable destination. Its new mayor have done some interesting changes to control the "chicas" and keep adult entertainment indoors.

Sosua is worth a visit, and should be considered as a great place to invest and live at.

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