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Meal at Subway in San Juan, Puerto Rico Photo, United States, North America

Some countries can boast of crystal clear waters, breathtaking coral reefs and brilliant sunshine all year long. Others are famous for lush vegetation, majestic waterfalls and countless numbers of fauna. One thing however, that the United States is world renowned for is their extremely diverse gastronomy.

Food is available 24 hours a day at almost any given location. At every street corner there is a deli, a grocery store or an inviting restaurant releasing so many oh-so-tempting aromas.

U.S.A is home to many fast food restaurants, including but not limited to Dunkin' Donuts, Wendy's, Sbarro, KFC and Subway. These organizations have made quite a name for themselves worldwide and it really isn't difficult to see or rather, taste why. Subway promotes healthier eating habits while the others simply have the taste which keeps you coming back.

Since the United States of America consists of so many different nationalities, it is only expected that the types of restaurants found there are just as varied. It is no surprise to see an Italian pizzeria located next to a Chinese restaurant, with an authentic American diner just across the street.

The cost of food in USA is remarkably cheap, except if you are looking for fine dining. Most restaurants have menus which start from 99 cents and upwards, which means that even the poorest families can afford to eat. Establishments with this type of menu include KFC and Wendy's.

The first meal I had at one of these restaurants during my trip was at Sbarro in Jersey City. They lived up to their claim of "Fresh Italian Cooking....Guaranteed". I ordered a combo of a slice of pepperoni pizza, a side order or spaghetti with pasta sauce and a medium sized cup of soda. The pizza was very tasty with just the right amount of toppings and the spaghetti was nothing short of awesome. Cost of my meal was $7.27 inclusive of tax.

I also had a meal at Subway because they are one of my favourite places to buy subs. This Subway was located in San Juan, PR. Regardless of the fact that the workers spoke little English and I was rusty with my Spanish, the communication tactic of pointing and nodding worked well enough. I ordered a special on a 6 inch steak and cheese sub with a large drink for approximately $6. The sub was done very well and I enjoyed my midday snack.

While in Jersey City visiting my godfather, I decided to attempt to order a meal over the phone. There was a Chinese restaurant called Sen Hai in the area, so I went online and studied the menu I found on their website. After a few minutes, I decided to order the chicken lo mein. It was pretty good but different from what I was used to.
Website where I found the menu is: http://www.allmenus.com/nj/jersey-city/55308-sen-hai-chinese-restaurant/menu/

Dining in U.S.A is affordable and the food is very tasty. Bon Appetit!

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