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Beautiful seaside town along the coastal shores of Uruguay!

Frog under log Photo, La Paloma, Uruguay

If your planning on visiting Uruguay and you are in search of some delightful sunny summer days then i would suggest that you plan to come sometime within the months of December, January, February and March.
The summer peak season is considered to be January and February although i can definately say that along the coastal shores of this small country it gets specially crazy from the 28th of December to the 15 of January!
The variety of options you can choose from are extense ... but i would dare to highlight that some of the most beautiful beaches and coastal towns are Piriapolis, Punta del Este (number one attraction for tourists), La Paloma, La Pedrera, Punta del Diablo and Cabo Polonio.
We were planning on taking a full month vacation (from the 15th of December to the 15th of January) with our kids and were in search of a more tranquile and small town. La Paloma was our selected destination.
The same is located within the Rocha department and is very close by to other very well known beaches such as La Aguaga and La pedrera.
Rocha is within 2 hours and a half driving distance from Montevideo (capital city of Uruguay).
We rented a pretty wooden, rustic style house at "La Serena".
Within La Paloma you will find various beaches and each of these are differentiated by names.
The closest beach near to our location was "La Serena" (same name as the area that surrounds the beach).
You will also find close by the beaches "Anaconda" as well as "Zanja Honda" and the very well know "Los Botes".
I would describe all these as fantastic selections for families with young children or for those in search of wide beach areas with low to no waves and not too crowded areas.
We spent most of our time at the beach called "Zanja Honda" as the same offers some beautiful sheds built with straw roofs that provided a wonderful shade for our little ones to play under. You will have to rent these but the costs per day are cheap (approximately 15USD with one comfortable beach chair).
This beach is within walking distance to any of the others i mentioned previously but closest to "The botes".
The Botes is well known for its fisherman style and for the picturesque image of wooden boats coming in from the sea with a variety of fresh fish that they clean and cut along the shore, and they sell at moderate prices, already washed and ready for you to take away!
A little further away for these beaches if the famous "Balconada". The beach is located within sand dunes and the waves are a little more impresvie. In order to get refreshed you will have to dive in directly as the depth of the shore is not very shallow. Not too recommended if planning on going with kids.
From the Balconada you will have some fantastic views of the FARO (lighthouse) and by the afternoon many people gather around awaiting for some glorious sunset views that will take your breath away. Dont be alarmed if you start hearing everyone around clapping at the time of the sunset as this is a tradition within local members that has been passed along to the tourists.
Night life is OK ... a couple of clubs open during summer season and at night you can enjoy a pleasant stroll along the central district of this town. Many craftsmen offering some outstanding pieces can be found all around the place and a wide variety of accessories are also interesting to look at as mostly are made with seads and shells.
Entertainment is all around seeking to capture the tourists interest and after they finish with their show they will pass around with a hat in order to receive tips from those who want to collaborate.
Dining options are OK. I will mention in another review the best of my selections.
In order to summarize i would say that is it a great place to go with your family and nightlife is pretty tranquile offering a fantastic opportunity for teenagers! Beaches are clean, natural surroundings are exeptional!

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