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narrow valley the Ruhr

Monschau Photo, Monschau, Cologne

From Cologne we went to Monschau, a small German town near the Belgian border. Monschau is located among the low mountains of the Eifel, which are a continuation of the Belgian Ardennes, in the Ruhr Valley. This wonderfully picturesque town attracts mainly the numerous half-timbered houses, standing at random along the mountain stream.
Surprisingly, the apparent simple name of the town of Monschau, is not so easy ... Once upon a time long ago the town and fortress were called to the Old French manners Montjoie, though possessed of more and more Germans. In 1795 the French when they captured the region, had no trouble to keep the old name, they simply pronounced it with a modern twist as Montjoie. After 1815, the city passed to Prussia. And during World War I was said that the city is clearly Walloon and around - and especially by name - must belong to Belgium, that Kaiser Wilhelm and renamed it in 1918 in Monschau, hoping, apparently, so stop all encroachments.
Since time slows down ... and kept the look of Monschau XVII-XVIII centuries. Squeezed into a narrow valley the Ruhr, he became a hostage to its location and could expand and grow. But was able to concentrate on a small area such beauty.

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