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Recommended nightlife and dining options in Antigua

NIght out on the town Photo, St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda

1. The Coast: Popular nightclub located in the heard of the capital. This venue consists of a restaurant and two dance floors, and draws a large crowd once the door opens. The restaurant serves good food, ranging from burgers USD $8 to grilled lobster $34. A wide variety of beverages are always available. Website:

2. C&C Wine Bar: Not just for lovers of wine, but anyone who cares to have a good drink. The motto of this establishment is as follows 'I distrust camels and anyone else who can go a week without drink'. This venue is more of a chill out spot, with mellow music and tasty finger foods. Small groups looking for a peaceful night on the town would feel very welcome here.

3. Bayhouse Restaurant: Intimate setting and really good food makes this a popular dining destination for couples in Antigua. Located on a hill in Dickenson Bay, fresh island breeze caresses you while you indulge yourself in culinary masterpieces. Dress code is semi formal and dining costs won't break your bank account.

4. King's Casino: Located in St. Johns, this is Antigua's largest casino. There are over a dozen table games including BlackJack and Roulette. There are countless modern slot machines available as well, so come and try your luck. There is a taxi stand immediately outside and ATM machines are inside for your convenience.

5. Mad Mongoose: The party central of English Harbour. Nonstop fun and music is the way of life at this bar/club located right in the heart of the village. Many patrons are visitors to the island looking for action...and they find it here.

6. Shirley Heights Lookout: If you are lucky enough to be on island on a Sunday night, make your way to this national site, where there is a huge BBQ and party with big crowds and good music. This option is frequented by both visitors and locals alike.

All in all, there are many options to choose from, and the greatest tip of all is to drink responsibly!

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