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Eze Photo, Eze, France

On the French Riviera a lot of great places worth visiting. One of them - village of Eze, which is attached to a rock, situated at an altitude of 427 meters above sea level.

The village was founded in 600 BC, when a municipality is organized shepherds settlement. The main part of Eze, which still exists today, was established in the tenth century. Each building is decorated with great attention to detail.

According to legend, the village received its name on behalf of the Egyptian goddess Isis. It is in her honor allegedly consecrated the temple colonized these lands the ancient Phoenicians.

Completely surrounded with a stone wall, the village has only one entrance / exit. Today is home to less than three thousand inhabitants, and once one of them was the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Held here 18 years of his life, he wrote many of his works. It was here, walking through the neighborhood, admiring the beautiful views and enjoying the silence, he considered his main work - "Thus Spake Zarathustra." Most of it is written here. In our days hiking trails that go down from the village to the sea, so called - "The path of Nietzsche."

Medieval streets, rooftops, courtyards, wells, create a sense of mystique and mystery. It is best to come here in the spring. And if you arrive in the morning, it almost does not find people, and can, as Nietzsche once, enjoy the peace and quiet.

And, despite the fact that in the village are a large number of art galleries and shops, not know about it, and many Frenchmen, not to mention the tourists, they still prefer to Cannes and Saint Tropez.
You can get here by car and by bus number 82 and 112 from Nice.

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