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Day 11 - St Helens and Launceston Cataract Gorge

Launceston - Cataract Gorge Photo, Tasmania, Australia

Day 10

We actually didn’t do much on this day – I spent it cleaning the house, getting all our stuff together and packed and just chilling out whilst Dale spent it fishing and cleaning out the hire car – it was so dusty, inside and outside, from venturing down the dusty gravel roads – exciting.

Day 11

This was the day we were going back to NSW, via Launceston Airport. We made ourselves a breakfast from all the leftovers in the fridge and pantry and packed the car. We made it to Launceston at about 11.00am and we weren’t flying out until 3.00pm which meant we didn’t have to be at the airport until 2.00pm. What to do?

We ended up at The Cataract Gorge - located right in the centre of Launceston - where we spent the next 2 hours wandering around walkways through the gorge, following the Tamah River, over the suspension bridge, up to the tea rooms/restaurant where we had sandwiches, pies and a mug of coffee each of lunch. The setting is beautiful and is popular for weddings – I can see why. This place is also a fantastic place to come for some peace and quiet and it’s hard to believe that it is in the middle of a city. If it’s a hot day when you’re visiting take your swimmers along as this is the location of the council swimming pool. There are change rooms there.

After leaving here we went for a quick drive down to the end of the gorge to see the Kings Bridge before going to the Airport. We didn’t have time to do the hours walk around to this location. It is very picturesque and there are a number of old buildings in the area to look at – we just went for the bridge and didn’t have time to look around unfortunately. If you have longer to spend in the city you can go on Tamah River Cruises that will take you up past the Kings Bridge and also cruises longer cruises that will take you towards Exeter.

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