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Day 8 - Hobart Markets and Festivals

Hobart - Taste of Tasmania Photo, Tasmania, Australia

We slept in a bit today as we’d decided to have a more relaxed outing – we were heading of, by taxi, to the Salamanca Markets, the Taste of Tasmania and a few quiet ones at a local pub.

First stop was the Taste of Tasmania – this is located on the harbourside in a large shed type structure and is all about tasting all the great produce that is available in Tasmania – Dale’s first taste was a plate of natural oysters for $7 and mine was a bowl of fresh mixed berries – raspberries, strawberries and blue berries - with fresh cream and icecream for $7. Everything seemed to priced around the $7-$8 mark. The next tasting was a bowl of mussels in a chilli sauce for Dale and for me it was another serve of fresh mixed berries but with a crepe and cream this time. All of the food we had was delicious and was so fresh. They had a lot of stalls selling anything from fresh seafood, meat produces, fresh fruit and fresh vegetable produces to wines, fruit juices, ales and beers. The busiest queue seemed to be the line-up for the dip-fried mushrooms – they must have been nice, we just couldn’t be bothered with standing in line.

From here we went on a short strolle around the harbour. All the yachts from the Sydney to Hobart and the Melbourne to Hobart yacht races were docked there so there were plenty of people milling around, having their photos taken in front of the yachts and just having a look in general. The races are held every year at the same time - the Sydeny to Hobart race kicks of from Sydney on Boxing Day and the yachts usually take about 4 days to reach Hobart.

After our nice breakfast we walked out of the shed and across the road was the Salamanca Markets – large outdoor markets selling anything and everything from antiques and second hand goods to handbags and toys. There were plenty of locally made handcraft/artist stores. The area of the markets stretched out for about 1Km and took up the whole width of the road. Lining the road were other shops, bars and restaurants that were all busy. We spent a couple of hours zig-zagging up and down the 4 rows of stores – I bought a gold charm for my charms bracelet and was tempted by a number of other items but decided it would be too hard to get them home.

We decided that we needed to give our feet a rest and we found an outside table and a couple of stools at one of the pubs called The Quarry which we had passed. We had a ball sitting back and people watching and chatting to passer-byers while we downed a few beers and ate a pizza – you have to be there at the right time to get a seat/stool though as the markets are crowded and the number of seats/stools are few - not a bad way to spend the rest of the day.

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