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Going from Goldstream PP to Tofino

We have been awake a lot last night. We force ourselves several times to really have to lie down. At eight we had enough and we got out. Last night it pretty cooled down but the sun will warm the day up.

Around 10.00 hours we leave for Tofino. Today we have some 300 km to drive.

Only a few km from the campground we stop again for a walk to a waterfall and an old gold mine. The waterfall is nice but not spectacular. We walk to the gold mine. The double pass is soon steeper and steeper. Our calves are having a hard time again. The walk is beautiful but after half hour walk we begin to wonder how far it is but luckily suddenly we see the mine. It's fun to watch but not really spectacular. The walk is nicer than mine. We left at 12.00 hours.

In Duncan we would like to see some totem poles. Unfortunately, the signs are not really clear and let the totem poles for what they are. We hope toward Alaska we will see a lot more of them. On the way to the highway we drive past the Safeway and decide to get some fuel.

The next village we come across is Chemainus. In this village there are many murals of topics from the past. It is a lovely town with nice little shops. Definitely worth while to go before going on the Highway.

After we drive to Nanaimo Port Alberni, here is the real highway and we go into the mountains. We decide to make a stop at Sproat Lake PP. We make a short walk to the petroglyphs. These are prehistoric rock carvings made by the native people 'or the first inhabitants.

Near the park is the largest firefighter aircraft in wolrd that firefighters use to fight forest fires, it can take up to 27 tons of water at once. It's getting late and we still have to go a bit

We are good half hour and there we see our first BEER. Hop stop and take pictures. Very happy that we are already on our second day saw a bear. Perhaps it is probably the last, you never know.

At 18.00 hours it was again a BEER bear number 2. This is also in the verge to enjoy the nice green grass and graze while we go again with three cameras. The bear grazes nicely but by then suddenly sticks his nose in the air, he could smell us through the open window the camper ?.... no to the other side of the road is a larger black bear (bear number 3) crossing the road, running toward Bear 2. They both run into the forest and there is a lot of noise from the woods and soon bear three comes out to enjoy the grass.

We drive on and can not really believe in one hour time seen 3 bears! But soon enough we see 2 other beers!

After half hour we arrive at Green Point campground. Located close to the ocean. Immediately after we have parked we went to the beach. The ocean is beautiful. We walk over the beach and around 20.00 hours we go back to eat. After dinner we return to the beach for the sunset

This day was perfect .... 5 bears and a beautiful sunset in the ocean view ... what more could one want.

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