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Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Main street Photo, Anaheim, California

At six thirty the alarm off, because Disneyland opens its gates at eight o'clock. The trip to Disneyland takes about a good half hour from the hotel and the airport. The morning was still in full swing. So we do have several times been in the traffic jams. Arriving at Disney was seeing the biggest Parking space lot of I have ever seen. It’s a parking garage 6 floor high, well no panic in not finding a parking space.

Trains take you to the entrance of both parks and Downtown Disney. Once through the checkpoint we had security check at one of the many ticket booths where one of the many elderly women to speak to us and therefore making some needed money next to her pathetic state pension. No wonderful entrance as the one in Paris with left the 50 year old Disneyland av. and to the right a younger Disney’s California adventure.

Once in the station you end up in a very cozy Town Square. The buildings are however different from the ones in Paris. Whether this is realistic I do not know. Disneyland Paris Main Street is just incredibly themed and feels much richer. Main Street in Disneyland feels more cozy, and old-fashioned, what became clear that that applies to a park. Some buildings such as the Game Gallery and the Cinema are a relief to see in a Disneyland Main Street. And I am amazed that they actually are not in Paris, as a Main Street has simply need a cinema and a gallery game.

The first country we visited was Adventureland. The change from Plaza to Adventureland is very abrupt. On the left you will find once the home of the Tiki Birds (an attraction on both days we have not visited, I was already not a fan of Disney World, despite the rich history around it). Besides the Enchanted Tiki Room you have the the Jungle Cruise. Wait five minutes and we were in a boat. For us we had a very enthusiastic guide explaining with the requisite jokes. For the ride itself is not that great, though they are very well dressed, but that guide will do the trick. They all tell the new world wonder 'the back of a waterfall! "But you can do like that, and routinely do.

On to the next attraction. Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Yes. Finally. After so many years to have wanting to see this attraction. The Indiana Jones Adventure is just WOW. The queue is very long and the boarding station is one of a kind. The ride itself contains a few things could be better (I still love not blacklight effects and scenes). But some scenes are great, woosh, bumpy, ... The music is fantastic and very well found some effects such as the rolling ball at the end. The ride is really bumpy, but the many differences between journeys I have not much noticed.

What we have done after all attractions in order I cannot tell. So I will briefly go trough the classics. Haunted Mansion was fun to see the original. Phantom Manor in Paris is still better for me. Especially lacking a solid soundtrack, along with a story. An absolute surprise, however, was Pirates of the Caribbean. I had expected an outdated Pirates compared to the one in Paris but I forgot how much fun it was and this one is longer and some better scenes.This version in its overall better. Better overall theme, no ceiling, etc. Only downside is the long queue.

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