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Mono Lake 1 Photo, Mono Lake, California

In America you have many separate lakes. One is Mono Lake, located in California. This lake is more than one million years ago. During my trip to America I have seen Mono Lake.

Mono Lake

Mono Lake is located in California, near the town of Lee Vining and Highway 395. Mono Lake is one of the oldest lakes throughout North America. Particularly striking are the limestone towers on the shore of the lake. These are also called Tufta's. In the lake are two islands with a volcanic soil. These islands are called climate Island. The Negit Paoha Island in Mono Lake may reach over 35 degrees in summer. In winter there is a lot cooler.

Origins of tufta's

The water of Mono Lake is very salty. This is because over the years that it is much more salt and minerals in the lake. The only way the water gets away from the lake is by evaporation, causing the salt behind in the lake. The water of Mono Lake is more than 8 times as salty as seawater. Underneath the lake are the fresh water sources. This fresh water mixes with salt water. In the fresh water is a lot of calcium and this creates towers in the form of limestone. It takes years until a tower is created. Most Tufta are over two hundred to three hundred years old.

Animals in Mono Lake

In Mono Lake are more than over eighty different species of birds, especially in the summertime you will encounter many. There also lives in Mono Lake a special type of fly, the Alkali flies. These flies have adapted to the salt water, but also to the many birds that live there. Therefore, an alkali fly will never come towards you, they have just learned to always fly away. In the water, millions of tiny shrimp that have adapted to the salt water. The flies and shrimp are food for many birds in the lake. Living around the lake are several species, including salamanders, rodents, insects and snakes.

Things to do in Mono Lake

Mono Lake has many places you can visit the lake a closer view.

South Tufta Area
The most popular part of Mono Lake's South Tufta Area. You have to pay $ 3 admission. Children under 18 are allowed to go free. You can see a large number Tufta's and very close to the lake. On these photographers are always lots to see who would make a nice photo.

Old Marina
From Old Marina have a view of a few large Tufta's. You also have a good view of the two islands in the lake.

Country Park
Country Park is a place that lies somewhere between the trees. You can have a short walk along a wooden path where you reach the shore. From here you have a good view of the Tufta's. While walking on the wooden path to the natural beauty you see around Mono Lake. Admission here is $ 3 per person, children under 18 get in for free. Nearby are toilets available and you also have a few picnic tables.

Navy Beach
From Navy Beach are many canoe and kayak trips organized during the summer months. There are relatively few Tufta's see.

Information Center
In the information center you can find the necessary information about Mono Lake. There are lots of nice souvenirs. Also you can buy informative books.

Visitor Center
Just as the Visitor Center Information Center provides the necessary information about Mono Lake. Here you can watch a film about Mono Lake and there is also a photo exhibition on the lake view.


Nearby dining options are just a few. From these places you have a nice view of Mono Lake. You pay in most places in America about $ 3 for a slice of pizza. I personally found the prices a bit disappointing, especially given the not very high quality of the food. But the view of the lake was very beautiful.

My opinion

During my visit to Mono Lake, I only went to the South Tufta Area and I've seen everything from a distance. At South Tufta Area you have a very clear view of the Tufta, which really are very special to see. You may have difficulty imagining of it if you do not have seen. Some Tufta's even on dry land, so you can conclude that the lake was first a lot bigger. Also very nice is that in South Tufta area can get very close to the birds living there. You also see the Akali flies up close, what a very special experience. There are an awful lot of these flies, but they are definitely not around you and even a swarm of flies go away when you come running. A small downside was that I was not really a lot of birds seen. There live more than eighty, but I've really only seen gulls.

Mono Lake is not suitable for a whole day to spend. Yet it is surely worth while to visit and see. It's a special place, thanks to the many Tufta's in the lake. Not the nicest place I've seen during my trip in America, but certainly not a disappointment. About the price is nothing wrong to say. For only $ 3 dollars you can enter. Unfortunately there are few facilities in the area, and the facilities there are also immediately very expensive. Want some food? Travel a little further, or bring your own food.

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