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Public transport Barcelona

Public transport Barcelona

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and has about 5 million inhabitants in the city and surrounding area. Besides the many inhabitants of the city gets every year many tourists in town for a short but sometimes long period visits. With so many residents and tourists is vital for a city to have a good transport system. Barcelona happy this carefully!

Arriving in Barcelona City

By train

One option is to travel by train to Barcelona. Approximately 5 minutes walk from the terminal you are at the station and for about 2.60 euros you can buy a ticket. The only downside is that you are not in the center, namely Barcelona Sants Station and then Paseo de Gracia. Here You could easily switch to the subway system. By train it’s about 30 minutes.

By taxi.

You also have the choice to travel by taxi and there are plenty of them available just outside the terminals. Fortunately there are little or no queues here and about half an hour later you are standing in the center of Barcelona. It cost you a little more, namely around 25 euro’s.

By bus.

From the airport, the center is easily accessible by Aerobus which depart every 15 minutes towards Plaza Catalunya and only stops a few times in between. The Aerobus is a regular service between the airport and the city and a single costs about 4.05 euro’s. Highly recommended and takes approximately 45 minutes.

In the city

There are basically three good ways to get around in Barcelona, which is by taxi, bus and subway! They ensure that you actually can get around the city and the choice is yours how you want to travel.

The taxi.

The taxi is a general understanding in Barcelona. You can use the taxi compared to a city like New York. You can just signal at taxi at the street. Note that a taxi is available, as its lamp is green. Taxis are in the center therefore always be found and generally available. You can of course imagine that at busy locations this can be different. You have at these sites therefore taxi stands, where taxis are. I think taxis are generally not really expensive. You pay about 1 euro per kilometer and a starting rate of 2 euro’s.

The bus.

The bus is one of my least favorite way of travelling, but may be useful especially if you are further away, such as the airport. The busses and the underground use the same system, the TMB Barcelona. The advantage is that you can buy a card for two days, allowing you unlimited travel for two days in the subway and bus! I mainly use the bus after 0.00, because the subway does not run at midnight and then you have to use the night buses.

The subway

Barcelona has an excellent subway system lets you move anywhere in the city. They have five subway lines:

L1, the Hospital de Fondo-Bellvigte.
L2, Paral-lel - Pep Ventura.
L3, Zona Universitaria - Trinitat Nova.
L4, Trinitat Nova - La Pau.
L5, Cornella Centre - Horta.

In every subway station you can find maps showing the route of each line, so you can easily and quickly see what you need. Also you have the opportunity in every subway station to buy tickets. The subway is a good way to travelling but often very busy. They have a good connection and good information. Also they are often right on time. The only disadvantage of the subway is that it may close early. To 12 o’clock at weekdays and weekends at 2 o’clock at night.


For bus and subway you have you to buy a ticket. You can buy a single ticket for 1.35 euro’s, this includes the bus. But instead of each time one-way ticket to buy, you can also get discount tickets. You have the 10 strip card, which you can travel 10 times for 7.70 euro’s. You also have the 1 day pass allowing you unlimited travel all day for only 5.80 euro’s and 5 daycard for 23.10 euro’s. Maybe a good tip for people who are planning to go see many attractions, the Barcelona map.

Useful information

Because it is impossible to describe everything here, here are some helpful resources: (English)

My opinion

Barcelona is a wonderful city and public transport is good. With the three options of taxi, bus and subway, you really have the ability to quickly and easily get anywhere. It is clear and obvious, but recommended to plan your trip before hand. It is always smart to do, especially if you go by bus. But the public transportation system makes your stay in Barcelona a little bit easier!

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