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When i entered my booked hotel at Madrid my first impression was that i'd already entered
in a very old building of the 11th or 13th centuries built. The truth came some days later and
i learned which one it was.

Favorita was called the receptionist who served me and whatever i wanted she was always
ready to help me whenever i wanted or needed to - with her pretty good English speaking -
and when one day i wanted to make a call and my mobile was with no battery i asked her
where the phone booth was and she showed me where it was. I went there and my job was
done in a while when i got back to Favorita and i asked her why the hotel looked like being
built the centuries i mentioned and now it was totally restored and renewed.

The answer was possitive and that i was right in my guessing and that the hotel was constructed at 1350 and there used to live a Don or Duke married to a duchess who was
also rich and very famous and both of them was a great couple for their times because they loved each other pretty much and they had nothing else in mind but only how to show
their love to one another.

One day the Dona =Duchess asked from her beloved husband to decorate this so-called
small tower with sculptures and statues in order to tranform it like a small palace and to
ornament it accordinly. The Don when he heard her rashed immediatelly to make his beloved wife's dream true and he succeeded in that. As you can see today - Favorita added - in order to keep it alive we didn't chage not even the floor when you enter the hotel
and we kept it as it was then except of the rooms which transformed them and became totally modern to remind the today's visitor that here in this place a great love was developed and that we don't find it today".

I thanked Favorita for her precious time she spent with me and i started wandering if such
kind of love exist today or not and i went out for my favorite walks and to have some fun
but all the time thinking about what i heard!!!

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